Friday, December 21, 2012

Now THAT'S what I call a Secret Santa!

So, awhile back, I was sitting in ward council, and we were discussing our upcoming ward Christmas party.  The main topic was the fact that while we always have a "special visitor" there, on the particular day that we had scheduled the party, he was otherwise engaged.  So, we were casting around for someone who could help out in that way, and after several suggestions were made, someone mentioned the (obvious) fact that our Eric is quite a kid-friendly kind of guy, and if one were to put him in a red suit, he'd make a pretty good Santa's helper.

After we knocked that around a bit, it occurred to me that if everyone was willing to settle for a man who had never done anything like this before, and (more importantly) would probably be identified by one or more of the kids in our ward, then perhaps I could offer an alternative.

Enter Grandpa Wayne:
(a/k/a Eric's dad)

Though we figured we'd be in the clear with the other kids, Eric and I were both a little concerned that Heather might recognize the lap that she sits on every week, and the voice that's nearly as familiar to her as Eric's or my own.

Blurry, but fun all the same.

Luckily, we underestimated the power of a red suit, a long white beard, and a grandpa that (unbeknownst to any of us) was made to be Santa.

Watching Heather interact with her Grandpa Santa, not realizing for a minute that he was her Grandpa Santa?  Possibly the highlight of my Christmas season so far.

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kates said...

Ah--you're responsible for that great Santa? It was my favorite that he had them whisper in his ear! Glad Heather had on her rose-colored glasses.

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