Wednesday, November 28, 2012

with two golden eyes and a tomato nose

So, awhile back, as in before Halloween and much earlier than really should have to be endured, we had our first snowfall.  Now, I like living in Utah, I really do.  I also love the beautiful crisp look of a freshly snowed field, roofs with a blanket of snow on top and a row of icicles underneath.  I love the smell of soup and fresh baked bread, I love Christmas, I love seeing my breath in the air, and wrapping myself up in scarves and hats.

I love it all, BUT, since spring doesn't fully arrive in these parts until Mid-May, I really think I can and should be excused for not being thrilled to see it starting up SIX WHOLE MONTHS before it will probably be over.

All the same, it had come, and knowing that it would come and that there was nothing I could do about it, I decided to embrace it.  Heather, not knowing any better, was only too happy to go along for the ride.

We took a winter morning walk, in which we pretended that we were ice skating Barbies (My name was AnnaLee, Heather's name was Laura), had a snow fight, sampled the snow (only one of us did that), and built this amazing snowman, using a green tomato from our (dearly departed garden) and some gold-painted rocks that we had created the summer before.


We also played a little bit of hide-and-seek:

Building a snowman is harder than I remembered it being.  I hadn't done it in years, and lugging those big balls of snow on top of each other was daunting to say the least.  By the time we were done, I was huffing and puffing more than I'd like to admit.

Of course, witnessing this little-girl glee made it all worth it.


Afterwards we went home for pancakes and hot chocolate.  Livvy and Addie made their way over as we were getting all that going, and in what is probably my very favorite memory of the day, the three of them sat at the kitchen table, beating their hands on their placemats and chanting in smiley joyful exuberance, "Hot Chocolate for FREE!"  "Hot Chocolate for FREE!"  over and over again while I heated the water and mixed up the batter.  (This cracks me up--they are three, four and five.  What isn't free for them right now?)

The day followed, the sun came out, the snow melted, and our snowman was nearly decimated by the time the sun went down that night.  I'll be honest, I was glad to see that winter hadn't come for good quite yet.

I was equally glad though, that we chose to embrace it before we knew definitively one way or the other.

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