Wednesday, November 07, 2012

"Dog Four"

As I mentioned earlier, awhile back, we put on Heather's first friend party.  We were planning on it being a small affair.  When I was growing up, we could have a birthday party every year, but we could only invite as many friends as we had years.  So, that would have meant four friends.

We ended up with fourteen.  Fourteen awesome kids between the ages of three and five, all of whom were welcome, hilarious, and a little bit of (or a lot of) a handful.

As you know, we decided on a "Go Dogs Go" party.  It took some talking for me to get Heather to agree to this, as she still remembered Eden's BeeFive Party, and thought she would like a "Bee Four" party.  I wasn't big on that idea, since I hadn't been to the "Bee Five" Party, and the thought of trying to recreate a party based on Heather's spotty memory but very particular tastes was pretty daunting to me.  So we settled on a dog party.  It was funny though, for weeks, Heather talked about how Eden had a "Bee Five" party, and how she (Heather) was going to have a "Dog Four" party.  Good times.

You know how in "Go Dog Go" they have that interchange (several times) where the two dogs ask each other, "Do you like my hat?"?

In homage to that (and to keep the kids busy for a few minutes), we had them decorate visors.

I love this picture.  Such a sweetie, that girl!

We also played some games, like Go Dogs Go, and Stop Dogs Stop (red light green light) and others, but several of the kids soon tired of those (it was pretty hot out there), so we had a coloring station set up as well.

As it turned out, kids aged three to five don't have the attention span that Eric and I had thought they would have, and we were done with what we thought were 90 minutes of games and activities in about thirty minutes.  Gulp!  So, we moved straight on to the main event, present opening and cake and ice cream, and hoped that those events would take a long time, or that if they didn't, we'd somehow manage to corral all the kids in the backyard until their parents came to pick them up.

Present opening was a riot.  I made the mistake of telling all the kids that we were going to open presents now, so they should go pick up their presents.  (rookie mistake, obviously) As you might guess, several of them misunderstood and thought that they were to open and keep the presents.  There were tears, alas.

At the time that present opening was going on, Eric was supervising, while I was over at the coloring/craft station, trying to entertain two or three boys who were not the least bit interested in presents and were prone to wander off (not on my watch kiddos!).  Consequently, the correlations of which kid (mother) was responsible for  which gift didn't make their way to me, and so when I saw the mothers later on, I could only say a generic, "Thank you so much for that kind present "Suzi" gave to Heather.  She loves it!"  (Which is true--Heather loves all presents, but still, I would have liked to have been able to be more sincere about it all.  Ah well.)

Eric's face pretty much sums up the befuddlement that we both had for much of the event.  


Cake and ice cream went well.  Eric took the (harder) ice cream job, while I took the easy job of handing out cupcakes, and then later, pieces of chocolate tree-trunk cake.  At one point, as we were working and kids were making their way to me for ice cream and I was immediately sending them down to Eric, the mother of one of the girls (who had been observing from a distance for much of the party) said to me, "You and Eric make a really good team."

That might have been my favorite moment of the whole party.


Which is saying a lot, because it was a fun, fun party.

Note to neighbors & friends:  I've posted more pictures of this event over on the private Heather blog, because I didn't want to post pictures that would make it super-easy for any random web-surfer to identify our home, nor do I want any parents to feel weird about having their kids pictures here in this public place.  So, if you want to see more pictures head over there.  If you need/want an invitation to see that blog, just e-mail me and let me know.  After all, I figure if you're safe enough for us to invite your kids to be in Her Little Highnesses life, you're certainly safe enough to have access to the nine million pictures of Heather that we keep over there, as well as documentation of every single funny thing that Heather's ever said.  You wouldn't find that boring at all, right?  I thought not.

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Juliana said...

Charlotte, you are wonderful! Just in case I haven't mentioned that before. You are uplifting and glorious, and I'm so glad to have you for a cousin!Thank you for your blog.

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