Friday, October 12, 2012

Random Photo Friday - Sacajawea Edition

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One afternoon last August, I was at work, depositing some money from some of our food concessions.  To my joy, I found that the pile of cash included several Sacajawea dollars.

Am I the only grown-up that gets a little jump of glee at dollar coins?

(Please tell me I'm not.)

So, since I was just going to deposit them anyway (for the festival, I mean), I traded them out for several of my own paper dollars, and deposited those instead.  For several weeks after that, I carried the coins around in my wallet, spending them here and there as the opportunities presented itself.  For some reason, it just feels better buying something with a dollar coin, and I had a great time pulling them out as needed.

Little joys.


highdeekay said...

I'm with you! Punka gave Eden some for her school fundraiser. I traded them for my paper bills and did the same thing. Spent them here and there...

Carol said...

We love the dollar coins here. My Uncle has a tradition that at every birthday he gives everyone at the party a $1 presidential coin. (By the way, the production of those coins has been stopped due to the economy. Sort of a blessing as I don't know that there is a good way to make Nixon [his face is odd looking] look good on a coin.) Well, I have Charlotte's digression abilities today. We love those coins.

I collected several and used them in my Primary Class as reverence coins. Every week they were reverent (which means participating appropriately in Sharing Time) they got a coin. Not one of those little 7 year olds believed me that they were real at first. What a tragedy!

We had a huge reverence party at my house. Those coins (well, I spent the bills and kept the coins for something else) bought a Piñata and a ton of candy. Families brought their own BBQ meat and a side dish - the sack races and the boxing machine (loaned by my brother) were too fun! All from reverence coins!

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