Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Photo Friday--The Great Pumpkin Edition

Awhile back, we were hanging out with some of our neighbors, doing a little yard work, doing a little chatting, Heather playing a little Barbies with one of her neighborhood boyfriends, you know, nothing out of the ordinary.

And then, one of the kids in the family showed me this:

It's a pumpkin tree!!!!


Seriously, have you ever seen anything so cool?  Apparently the pumpkin vine just worked it's way up into the tree, and the next thing they knew, here was a pumpkin growing there.  

I LOVE it.  


Scott and Amy said...

We are actually going to plant pumpkins next year by our pine tree for the sole purpose of having them grow on the tree.

Charlotte said...

Awesome! I love that idea!

teresa said...

:) Catching up on my blog reading (yes I'm way behind) and had to comment on this post. Last year I planted some spaghetti squash out by my hedge. I was disappointed because I could see some vine, but never any fruit. In the fall I had my nephew helping me with yard work. He asked what I wanted him to do with the squash over in that area. I was a little perplexed because there was one zuccini, but I didn't remember there being any left, so I said to just give them away/take them home. Much to my surprise, I later found that he was talking about the many spaghetti squash that were hanging in my hedge--high above my head--that I had never seen. It was AWESOME!

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