Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PrimaryFest 2012

(I love adding "fest" on to words to make them more well, festive.  Have you noticed?)

It's been well over a month now, but awhile back, we had our Primary Program.  It was Heather's first time, and my first time being in charge, so it was kind of a big day.

I've learned that being in charge of the Primary Program is quite a bit different than just prepping and leading the songs, but that if you have a good chorister (or two good choristers, as we do), that everything can go pretty smoothly.  It is also a big help if you have an awesome presidency, a happy-to-help-however-he-or-she-can pianist, and teachers who are loving, dependable, and easy-going.  Since we had all of that, not to mention a great bunch of inventive, animated kids, we really couldn't possibly fail now, could we?

So, we didn't fail.  We did really exceptionally well, and I felt like it was a great experience for most, if not all involved.

That isn't to say that there weren't some quirky moments though.  

--Like when Heather and I got into a whispering argument/discussion at the microphone as I was trying to help her say her part (as I had been doing with the other children) because she was adamant that she couldn't give her part until Isaac had given his part, but Isaac had already given his part when Heather wasn't looking and wasn't about to do it again.  Surprisingly (considering how stubborn Heather can be), I was able to convince her before it came to tears or physically picking her up and putting her on the stand in front of all 150+ ward members in the congregation.  At that point, Heather said her part, ("The Holy Ghost can help me to be happy"), flashed everyone a big smile, gave an extra breath into the microphone, just to see what it would sound like, and made her way back off to the side.

--Like when one boy (age 4) finished his part, turned around, and took a flying leap off the stepstool that we had placed to help the shorter kids reach the podium, shouting (fairly softly, but still loud enough for all to hear) Woo-Hoo!

--Like when the two kids after him did the same thing, just to see how it would be.

--Like when the Sunbeams (age 3 class) got a hold of the "reserved for Primary" signs and rolled them up and made little telescopes out of them and took turns looking through them in the middle of one (or more) of the songs.

And there were also some very touching moments.

--Like when we had our final practice on the Friday before the program, and I heard them all sing I'm Trying to be Like Jesus, and my heart swelled up with love for these kids and love for the Lord and gratitude that I was there having that experience at that time.

--Like when little Nora (who was sitting by me) would give my arm a little squeeze during the program, or be sure to point out that she had moved the seat of my chair back down for me so I could sit down with ease after I had helped out some of the children with their parts.

--Like when it was all over, and the children just beamed with happiness at how they felt and how well they had done.

The whole experience of putting on the program has caused me to reflect a bit.  The fact is, serving in the Primary takes time.  It takes time and energy and inventiveness and patience.  But oh my goodness, the rewards that come from serving in the Primary have absolutely shocked me with their intensity, quantity, and value.  I've come to the conclusion that I'll take it.  I'll take it any day.


Harmony said...

Yep, Primary rules! Glad your first program went so well! Hope mine this week will go smoothly too. I've been reassured lately by a few people reminding me that "it is what it is," and that everybody loves the Primary program, because even (and maybe especially) when things don't go as planned, it's always entertaining. :)

kates said...

Oh, Charlotte, what a nice post. I thought the primary program was so great, although I missed the three "woo-hoo's" and the telescopes, sadly. My mother-in-law, who was there, commented how well she liked your little talk about the song. And we laughed and shook our heads at Nora when she got your post card and we realized what a big helper she'd been! She thought it was such an honor to sit right by you! Thanks for your service for our kids!

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