Wednesday, October 24, 2012

holding hands

When Eric and I were dating and then courting and then engaged and then newlywedded, He used to tease me about collecting grandfathers (or sometimes fathers).  Which is to say, that Eric noticed that I tended to have a small collection of older men who would watch out for me, care about me, and generally "have my back" so to speak.  I've already written about one of these men, and looking back, I can see that there were and still are others, but at the time, I honestly didn't think it was all that remarkable.  I mean, doesn't everyone have a couple of grandfathers and/or grandmothers looking out for them at any given time (and vice-versa)?  Particularly if you're Mormon and have a warm connection with the people in your ward, isn't that pretty much a given?

According to Eric, it is not a given.  Who knew?

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that our Heather has apparently inherited my ability to attract an extra grandfather here or there.

Enter our Bishop:

This is the only picture I have of him.
He's a much harder worker than this picture would indicate.  Trust me on that.

Heather has absolutely adopted our Bishop as her own, and vice versa.  For example, about two years ago, Heather got wise to the fact that Bishop Groll keeps a jar of animal crackers in his office (which I'm sure has more to do with Sister Groll than it does with Bishop Groll, but somehow Bishop gets all the credit.  Those are the breaks.)  Ever since then, our end-of-church routine is to bee-line it to the Bishop's office after church every Sunday for Heather's 2 weekly animal crackers (one for each hand).  Bishop has been known to stall interviews while waiting for Heather from time to time (which kind of stresses me out, so we try to hurry), and the rest of the Bishopric is well aware of Heather's weekly cookie run, and they know to watch for her.

It kind of hit home to me though, how friendly Heather had become with our Bishop when I was attending a stake baptism recently, one in which we had two neighbors being baptized.  I had brought Heather along with me (at her request), and as we sat in the chapel waiting for the meeting to begin, she pointed out to me, with no little bit of excitement, that Bishop Groll was once again up on the stand, at the very same meeting that we were attending.  After a fair amount of waving and stage whispering on Heather's part, the meeting began.  Songs were sung, short talks were given, and soon, it was time for all the people who were there to witness baptisms of our neighbors to leave the chapel, and go to the font.  As we stood to leave, and waited for the family members to go in front of us, Heather dropped my hand, and made her way up to her beloved Bishop Groll.  Then, hand in hand, the two of them walked out of the chapel, leading the rest of us to the room where we would witness the baptism.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that has happened.  I'm thinking it won't be the last.

Hand in Hand photo courtesy of Chemophilic


Harmony said...

Awww. Lucky Heather! And what an awesome bishop!

Jamie Younker said...

What a precious moment.

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