Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chocolate-Covered ROAR!



This baby comes from my friend Kristi L, who resides in Rexburg, Idaho.

Welcome to USoSL, Kristi!

I love her explanation:

I have been wanting for two years to take a picture of some certain chocolate-colored stone lions to send to you. I thought you might particularly enjoy the fact that there is a stone lamb CHAINED to a flower pot between the 
two lions! Poor lamb! Today, having a day off work, I finally took my camera over there and lo, and behold, they've been decorated for Halloween! Yes, that is a little witch riding on the back of the lamb! As if being chained between two lions is not insult enough!

Kristi has offered to take another photo of the trio once Halloween is over and (presumably) the witch dismounts from her lamb ride.  Here's hoping she doesn't get too busy taking care of her soon-to-be-born son, and forget about this critical offer.  (But Kristi, if you do, I'll definitely forgive you.)

As long as we're talking about stone lions, I have a new development.  After thinking about it for well over a year, if not two, I finally got around to getting a button made up for all you USoSL members.  Here it is:

United Seekers of Stone Lions

(Special thanks to Grandpa P, whose Nashville Lion--or one of them at least--supplied the image for this button.)

(There's also a button exactly like it on the sidebar over there ----->)

Now, no one need feel pressure or anything like unto it, BUT if at any point you have sent me a stone lion to post here, or if you have posted a stone lion on your own site somewhere, then YOU are an official member of the United Seekers of Stone Lions, and you are entitled to and very welcome to take this fine badge of honor (that one, up there) and stick it on any site that you would like!  Woo-hoo!  Yippee!

Or not, it's totally up to you.

And with that, I leave you.  I wish you all a very Happy Halloween, and may you dream tonight of witches riding sheep through chocolate covered lions.  Really, could there be anything better?  I think not.

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