Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Photo Friday-Mona Veronica Edition

In case you didn't know, Eric is a comic book connoisseur.  In homage to that, we have these two hanging in our upstairs hallway.  I love that one on the right.   

PhotobucketSince I know you want one, here's a closer shot.  Photobucket

Good times, good times.


Jake said...

So the Veronica cover is a take on the Mona Lisa, right? The Superman looks a lot like O Jerusalem.

Charlotte said...

I had't thought about O Jerusalem. Funny. (yes, Veronica is a take on Mona Lisa)

Matthew Cordoba said...

Hello, Charlotte! I liked this post very much! Hey, about the "Veronica", is not she from Brazil? I'm asking it cause here has a comic books's writer who created the "Monica" has very much time. His name is Mauricio de Sousa. Was not he who wrote your comic book? He makes books in English and in Spanish too, I only know it.

Always is very fun to visit you blog, Charlotte! You can see my blog too. Now I'm taking very good pictures, cause I'm with a new camera: the Nikon D3100, and with it I can make great pictures.


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