Thursday, August 16, 2012

Part 5

If you've just tuned in, the following explanation may prove helpful:  

A bit ago, my neighbor and newest commenting reader requested that I tell parts 1, 3, 4, and 5 of our love story (having read part 2 here.)  I figured, why not?

So here, in a similar format as was used in parts one, two, three, and four is part five, the conclusion (kind of) of our story.

December 2006

-On the first Saturday in December, Charlotte and Eric walk, hand in hand to "where Utah gets engaged" to look at rings.  Unfortunately, about 200 other couples have the same idea, and since they are all 20-something year olds (read: your typical rural Utah engagement candidates) as opposed to late-thirties-year olds, (and wearing sneakers and jeans no less!), no sales associate gives them even a glance, let alone the time of day, let alone a sales pitch about diamonds.  Eric & Charlotte have a good laugh at this, and promptly go to another jeweler.  (One where Idaho gets engaged?  Where Wyoming gets engaged?  Where Montana gets engaged?)  Charlotte shows Eric her general tastes (round diamond, simple design, nothing frilly on the sides), and once Eric feels confident that he's got it under control, they leave.  

-Two days later, Eric heads back, and secretly purchases the perfect ring.  It takes another day or two for it to be ready, sized, etc.  

-Just one week and one day after Charlotte and Eric determine that they want to marry, Eric picks Charlotte up for a standard "dinner and a movie" date.  Before they can eat though, Eric needs to drop by his parents' house, because he needs to make a car switch there.  No one is home as they enter the house, so Eric switches the keys and they make to leave.  At that point, Eric mentions that his parents have a book on Pisarro (remember him?) that he'd like her to see.  Charlotte secretly wonders how they are going to make it to the movie AND dinner if they sit down to look through this book, since they are already running late because of the whole "car switch" thing, but it's not a big deal to her, so she says nothing about it.  (2012 Charlotte would do well to remember this and try to be more like 2006 Charlotte in this aspect.  We will soon see that Charlotte could have ruined everything if she hadn't been able to just go with the flow.)

-The couple sit down in the front room.  It's beautifully decked out for Christmas, with white lights, several nativity sets, three tall beautiful trees decorated with delicate tatted ornaments, all made by Eric's mother.  As they look through the book, Eric's throat starts to go dry (not that Charlotte notices).  

-About eight or nine pages in, Charlotte turns the page and finds a yellow ribbon bookmark tied around a gorgeous ring, featuring a beautiful round diamond, a simple design, and not a frilly little decorative gem in sight.  

I'm not a huge fan of the little "pocket of color" around the ring here, but it's the best picture of the ring that I've got.

-It takes her a minute to figure out what is going on, and by the time she does, Eric is kneeling on the floor in front of her, asking her to be his, for eternity.  Oh joy!  Oh rapture!  Unsurprisingly, she says yes.  They hug and kiss and giggle with glee.  Well, maybe just Charlotte giggles.  They leave and go to dinner.  On the way, they call Charlotte's parents and give them the happy news.  (Charlotte's parents are expecting this call, since Eric has called Charlotte's dad only a few days previously to ask permission for this little proposal.)

-A few days later, Charlotte announces on the blog that she is marrying Eric.  

December 2006 through April 13, 2007

-Charlotte & Eric's engagement is a glorious one, full of all kinds of experiences.  Such as:  

April 14, 2007

-Eric and Charlotte arrive at the Logan Temple, nervous and excited.  

-Eric and Charlotte kneel across a sacred altar in the temple, in front of all their parents, siblings, most of their aunts and uncles, and a whole bunch of friends, and make a bunch of sacred promises to each other, and to God.

-It's the best day ever.

-And it's followed by many many more.

(or at least--the end of the beginning)

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T Pierson said...

Charlotte that was so fun to read! It was better than watching a chic flick! I love both of you!

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