Monday, July 30, 2012

there's nothing secret about this garden

We've been having more fun in the garden lately.  Last week, we had green beans for breakfast.  That's because we found that there were beans ready, and Heather didn't want to wait around.  So, we steamed them up and ate them.  There's just nothing like a good breakfast of green beans and cheerios, let me tell you!

Also, I've been enjoying some of the quirks that come with learning by experience, garden style.  See, I don't like to do a whole lot of gardening research.  That's partially because I'm lazy, and partially because the more rules/guidelines/suggestions there are for me to follow, the more quickly I become overwhelmed and decide to throw in the towel, essentially finishing before I've begun.

And that friends, is how it came about that in my little square foot garden, I planted cucumbers in front of the bush beans, with no trellis or pole or anything upon which they could climb.  Who knew that cucumbers liked to climb?  Not me.  Who has ever even seen a cucumber plant?  Not me.

Luckily, I planted peas in back of the bush beans, right by the garden net so at least they could climb.  So, now that peas are long gone, I've ripped those plants out, and threaded the cucumber plants through the gauntlet of bush beans, helping them bravely make their way to the net, where they can grow and climb and blossom and make little bits of cucumber deliciousness.  I've also jerry-rigged a few sticks in the garden to give them a bit more climbing room.  It's working all right for now.  However, I've learned my lesson, and next year if I plant cucumbers, they will definitely have a different garden address.  Live and learn.

Another fun discovery?  Gardening with a three-year old girl is the best thing ever.  Heather loves watering, harvesting, pruning, clipping, you name it. (as long as you don't name "weeding"--but we are mostly potting soil people this year, so there aren't a whole lot of weeds to be weeded.)  I guess it's just another level to my my Christmas analogy of nearly a year ago.  Like Santa, and Christmas morning, and the magic of the holiday season in general, gardening is also infinitely better when shared with a child.

Particularly if that child is my Heather.

You can stop reading now, or if you are up for a few pictures, may I present:  

Gratuitous Photos of Gardening Heather:


quirky 7-12


This one cracks me up.  "Hmmm . . . "  she seems to be saying,  "I suppose that will do for now."

Gratuitous Photos of the garden in general:


These are the cucumber plants.
Notice how I've put in some makeshift decorative solar light for them to climb?
I do what I can.  



1 comment:

Harmony said...

I'm impressed with your green thumb! And Heather's! She's such a doll!

Our garden surprise this year is a volunteer cantaloupe vine which we thought was a volunteer squash or pumpkin. I hope the growing season lasts long enough to harvest them. Mmmm.

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