Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Photo Friday--Corry Reunion Prep Edition


Here's the mountain of gear and clothing and food and guitar that we amass in order to go to the mountain of trees and grass and family and four days of freaking fun.

On a similar note, earlier this week I purchased:

90 eggs
180 pieces of bread
a (small) jar of nutmeg
a regular size pouch of cinnamon
a bottle of vanilla

All to feed breakfast to about 120 hungry Corrys in the near future.  Good times.

(90 eggs = 7 1/2 dozen; 180 pieces of bread = 9 loaves.  It's much more impressive when you break it out, don't you think?)

1 comment:

Kala said...

I do see the bag of "Wonder" just waiting to happen! Have a great time!

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