Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Part One

A bit ago, my neighbor and newest commenting reader requested that I tell parts 1, 3, 4, and 5 of our love story (having read part 2 here.)  I figured, why not?

So here, in a similar format as was used in part two, is part one:

February 2006:

-Charlotte Corry finds herself at the end of a 3-year relationship.  Rough stuff.  

-Being nothing if not practical, Charlotte sits down on a day when she isn't heartbroken and discouraged, and takes stock of a few things.   Among the things that cross her mind are the friends that she and her previous beau shared.  Knowing that the ending of the relationship was such that it will be awhile until she will feel comfortable in his presence (and vice versa), she reflects on which of the people with whom she had been associating most will continue to spend time with her, and which probably won't anymore.  

-As Charlotte goes down the mental list, she finds that she's mostly okay with how things will probably fall out, with one glaring exception.  There's this guy, Eric.   Eric is clearly going to end up in the other camp, and although Charlotte doesn't have any romantic feelings for the guy, she can recognize quality when she sees it, and feels wistful that her days associating with Eric with any frequency are almost certainly at an end. (Rats!)

March 2006:  

-Charlotte's birthday comes around.  Heidi (being the stellar friend and roommate that she is) throws a "talent show" birthday party (awesome!)  Guests are invited/requested/in-some-cases-coerced to perform for the birthday girl and other party revelers.  A good time is had by all.  Surprisingly, Eric (who isn't really one for crowds) attends the party as well, and presents Charlotte with a thoughtful gift of lavender scented candles, lotion, and linen water.

Our first picture together.  Just to be clear--that's Martinelli's on the dining room table back there.
Heidi doesn't throw that kind of a party.

-During the party Eric, who isn't necessarily tuned in to the grapevine at any given moment, discovers that Charlotte and Eric's friend have called it quits.  He is astounded.  


Three months or so pass, during which Charlotte & Eric see each other at church, and church activities, and have occasional chats about this and that in the foyer.  At some point in these three months, Eric determines that he wants to spend more time with Charlotte, but doesn't want to be a jerk about it or cause hard feelings with his friend.  So, he goes to the friend and basically asks if it would be a big deal if he (Eric) were to ask Charlotte out.  Friend says that would be fine.  


June 5, 2006:  

-Eric sends an e-mail to Charlotte (not the first time, nor the last), the text of which is (partially) pasted below:

Hey there

You know, I was thinking about you and how yellow is your favorite color. . . (Edited  to remove about seven sentences of small talk about the color yellow and Eric's favorite color(s) as well.)

Alright, that's enough of my silliness. So how are you? . . . (Edited to remove a few sentences about life at the opera, which in June changes significantly from what it generally is in April and May.)

Charlotte, we have to go do something, because church just doesn't allow 
enough Charlotte time for me. Ok, I'm going to pull a chicken date here and 
ask if that sounds at all good without any firm plan, because I only want to 
do whatever sounds fine with you. I mean, dinner maybe?


June 10, 2006:  

-Having accepted Eric's invitation for "dinner maybe", Charlotte waits at her home for Eric to pick her up.  He arrives and takes her to a restaurant where they share a delicious dinner of fine Mexican Food, accompanied by even better conversation.  They talk for so long that restaurant management, having reserved their table for a party later on in the evening, ask them to move to a different table in a different part of the restaurant.  (Charlotte and Eric determine that it's probably time to go home instead.)

-After Eric drops Charlotte off that night, she heads over to the Dansante building (where she works) to help her friend Tayneshia (who also works there) set up for a bridal shower (Heidi's bridal shower, as a matter of fact) to be held the next day.  Tayneshia asks how the date went and Charlotte, obviously pleased, mentions that although she's trying not to get her hopes up or anything, it was a really enjoyable evening, and that she would like to spend more time with this Eric guy.  

And thus we begin . . . 


Aubrey said...

MORE! I am loving this! I think everyone oughtta do this, including myself, although I have to say my posts wouldn't be as wittily narrated as yours and thus perhaps not as enthralling to read. But please, continue! I love the chicken date. So cute, and I can hear Eric reading those words in my head.

Charlotte said...

I agree, EVERYONE should do this. Think of the fun! I'll be stalking for your contribution Aubrey, you know I will.

kates said...

Super fun! I will just echo what Aubrey so eloquently said. (except for the part about telling my story cause I can't do it justice after reading yours. This is also why I can never be called to be the singing leader in Primary :)

Heather Albee-Scott said...

Fantastic post and that photo of you two, priceless! I remember when Eric came over to our place and told us about this Charlotte...we had to hound him a bit and of course if Eric was so in love with you we knew you were fantastic - your song at your reception was so wonderful, too.

I really like this idea, a great thing for our kids to read later on down the road. (My own parents story is about my dad having a crush on my mom's sister...hmmmm.... :) ).

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