Thursday, July 26, 2012

Part 3

If you've just tuned in, the following explanation may prove helpful:  

A bit ago, my neighbor and newest commenting reader requested that I tell parts 1, 3, 4, and 5 of our love story (having read part 2 here.)  I figured, why not?

So here, in a similar format as was used in parts one and two, is part three:

Unspecified dates between July 4, 2006 and early November, 2006:

-One evening, over plates of halibut, Charlotte and Eric get talking about marriage in general (not to be confused with actual marriage plans).  Eric mentions offhand that he "kind of doesn't think marriage is gonna happen for him".  Charlotte keeps her cool on the outside, but inside big red flags are popping up all over.

-Later that night after Eric has gone home, Charlotte determines that she should probably step on the brakes a bit with this Eric guy, seeing as how she does think and hope that "marriage is gonna happen for her", and if that is the case, there really isn't much of a future for the two of them.

-A week or so later, Charlotte asks for clarification on the whole marriage in general point.  Eric, fearing Charlotte is wanting a proposal after a mere month or two of dating, keeps his cool on the outside, but inside big red flags are popping up all over.

-The conversation continues and it becomes clear that 1)Eric would like for marriage to be a part of his future, but is hesitant to hope for something so glorious, based on some of his past experiences, and   2)Charlotte is not wanting a marry-in-haste proposal, but rather the assurance that an engagement, while not a foregone conclusion, is at least a possibility for the semi-distant future.

-Having come to a place where they better understand one another, Charlotte and Eric continue dating.

They see "Charade" together, sitting in the deserted balcony of this very theatre one night.
No smooching though. 

Later, they see "The Fly" at the same theatre.
(It is possible that there was smooching involved at that one.  )

-One day, Eric mentions to Charlotte that he needs to travel to Salt Lake City to pick up some frames for his glasses, and invites her to join him.  She quickly accepts his invitation.

-A few days later, Charlotte and Eric stroll around the Sugar House area of Salt Lake, dropping in to this store and that store.  Eventually they come to their intended destination.  As Eric tries on various pairs of frames, in search of the one that is "just right", Charlotte sits on a cushion across the room, watching and waiting.  In a semi-rare moment of reflection, she realizes that she is happier, more comfortable, and more content than she has been in a long long time.

-Eric and Charlotte continue dating, more frequently now.  One evening, Eric is talking to his brother, who lives in Minnesota.  The brother suggests to Eric that he and Charlotte should get married at Christmastime, since all of the Cantwell siblings will be in Utah at that time.  (This is early November.  Charlotte and Eric have yet to discuss marriage in a non-theoretical way)  Eric blows this off, but later tells Charlotte the story, assuring her that she needn't feel pressured in any way.  Charlotte replies that she won't feel pressured about Eric's brother trying to marry them off in less than 8 weeks if Eric won't feel pressured about the fact that she has realized that she  really likes Eric's last name, and if she were to take a man's name, the fact that his is higher in the alphabet than her current one (Corry), and has phonetical (Spanish) ties (if not actual linguistical ties) to "singing well" tickles her fancy and would pretty much make it her first choice.

-Eric and Charlotte laugh over this, and agree not to feel pressure.

-(Somewhat miraculously,) they manage to keep that agreement.

glasses image courtesy of mmatins


kates said...

My word, I have always liked the sound of the name Cantwell, but how clever are you to come up with that definition?

JJ said...

Really? You found "The Fly" and Jeff Goldblum more smooch inspiring than "Charade"? :)

Charlotte said...

Actually, it was the old classic "The Fly" (pre Jeff Goldblum), and no, definitely not more smooch inspiring--just a little later in the scheme of things for us. :)

Aubrey said...

Okay, I think we might've been in that mostly empty theater with you guys. We went to see Charade there when we were dating, and I think it was only open and playing there for a few days do-de-do-do (twilight theme playing). Yay for the continued story!

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