Sunday, June 24, 2012

ten minutes of fun

Maybe I say this too much, but that Eric?  He's a great great guy.

(And that Heather?  Freaking adorable.)

Here is a video I took a week or two ago.  It's the documentation of an event that's become a regular occurrence in the Cantwell home, a little game that Heather and Eric (but mainly Heather) have devised called "Save the Princess".  Using their trusty map (Candyland Game Board), their wits, and whatever magic friends they are able to commandeer (this time it was the magic dogs), the fair Heather and trusty sidekick Eric roam the land taking out giants, avoiding goo, disguising themselves as giraffes and dogs, all in their unending quest to save that princess from those mean hunters!

I love it!  

If you don't have 10 minutes to spare right now, the moments that are my personal favorites can be found at:

--the beginning
--2.09 (disguise change)
--4.10 (Heather forgets the Magic Dogs (!!!), and Eric and I have a little exchange that cracks me up) 
--6.58 (We have to get some more brownies!  My favorite here comes around 7.17 or so)
--8.40 (I think we got 'em!)
--9.19 (Heather turns on the camera-woman)

(Special Apologetic Note--I realize our home is not spotless, that there is laundry piled in the corner of the bedroom, that you can all see the "take to the attic" pile at the top of the stairs, and that I should be embarrassed to show that all of this to the world.  I'm not.  Well, maybe I am a little.  But, probably not as much as I should be.)


Kaylee C said...

haha...I hear Wicked music! :)

Charlotte said...

Wow Kaylee, you are GOOD! I didn't even notice that!

Mom C said...

Wow, when Heather showed me the map I had no idea what that game entailed. I obviously haven't been exploring the opportunities Candyland affords.

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