Monday, June 18, 2012

it's the return of the annual gardeners market post

My mom was up for a few days earlier this week, and one day as we were chatting, I remarked that Cache Valley really does summer well.  (She agreed.)

I don't know if it's because we're so sick of the winter that we've just got to celebrate like there's no tomorrow or what, but the fact is, summer in Cache Valley is an exceptionally nice time to be in Cache Valley.

One of my new favorite things is the weekly gardeners market.


So, here once again, are a few shots (with hopefully only a few words) of our first visit of the summer.

So excited to get there we just had to run.

We shared a plate of Swedish Crepes.  Yumma Yumma!

Then we took turns sampling the lime.  

Not so yumma yumma.

I introduced Heather to Horchata.  She was not impressed.  All the more for me.  



Finally, here's a short video taken by Heather.  It would have been much longer, but (unbeknownst to me) she kept turning the camera on and off throughout the whole thing.  So, it's short and disjointed.  I still love it though.


Mom C said...

I had a couple of great mornings weeding this week. I cut off all the deceased irises, beheaded a few daisies and finally planted onions and brussel sprouts. New to the garden this year are the brussel sprouts, garlic and artichokes. We'll see if any grow. I should put this on your gardening post but although you don't show much produce, this is about vegies, right?Love that Heather.

Aubrey said...

Okay, I just spent like 45 minutes trying to suppress the fits of giggles so as to not wake up the boys during precious nap time....needless to say, I love your blog!!

Let's be blog buddies, what do you say? I'll send you an invite because I'm ecstatic someone else I know blogs as consistently as I.

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