Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Photo Friday--Hawaii, Schmawaii

So, awhile back, Bountiful Baskets offered the opportunity to buy 20 pounds of Pineapples for something like $15.

How could I pass that up?  I couldn't.


And thus, for about a week and a half, our kitchen was transformed into a tropical pineapple garden.  Good times.  

(I made pineapple leather, dried pineapple, and some pineapple smoothies.  By far though, we got the most enjoyment out of these guys when we ate them fresh, room temperature, and plain.  Mmm-mmm, Deeeelicious!)



loveland9 said...

I LOVE fresh pineapple. I make a "salad" out of it using pineapple, shaved coconut from a bag and roasted macadamias. I could eat it every day and it's always a hit wherever I take it. Just an idea..... ;)

Charlotte said...

An AWESOME idea! Thanks!

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