Monday, April 23, 2012

The Great Disney Trip--a good omen

We recently returned from California, where we lived it up with my parents and two of my brothers and all their families.  You know of course, that I'll be going on and on about this trip with one million pictures (which is a totally new thing around here, after all).  However, for today, I'm just going to give a(nother) little highlight. 

After we had driven the seven or so hours from Cedar City to Anaheim, we were all a more than a little ready to get out of the car.  I remember as a little girl, how agonizingly tedious the whole check-in-to-the-hotel process always was in this situation.  It seemed like those few minutes waiting in the car at the end of a long ride, as my dad arranged for our hotel room would drag on and on and on until they seemed to be as long as the drive had been.

Fortunately, this time, we had no sooner watched my dad and the boys head off to the front desk than we noticed a fountain practically right next to where we had parked.

And, it wasn't just any fountain!


It was a LION fountain!


It was obvious right away that we were off to a great start.  


Harmony said...

Love it!

Harmony said...

Awfully cute nieces and nephews you've got there too!

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