Thursday, April 12, 2012

she definitely is.

On Saturday, Eric and I will complete five years of wedded bliss (or something semi-close to wedded bliss).

This picture cracks me up.  Could we possibly be ANY MORE CHEESY???
A cautionary tale of the things that  new love (and a bossy wedding photographer) can create.
(Engaged couples beware!  Don't let this happen to you!)

This one gives a representation of the day (and of our lives since that day) that's a little more accurate.

And this is one of my favorites.
Okay.  No more wedding pictures.
Getting back to our story . . .

To celebrate, we're dropping Heather off with grandma & grandpa, and then heading to Salt Lake City, where we will live it up by going to a movie, eating dinner, hanging out in a hotel room, sleeping in 'till whenever we decide to get up, (rather than whenever Heather decides to get up)(I can hardly wait for that part), roaming around Salt Lake (probably taking in the new City Creek Center), and heading back home.

Lately, Heather has been going through (what I hope is) a phase where she's been particularly clingy to us, and especially to me (which is very flattering, but also somewhat inconvenient).  In light of that, I've been trying to prepare her for the grandma overnighter for several days now, telling her that she is going to get to have a sleepover with grandma and grandpa, how fun that will be, how they might be able to have popcorn and play games, how she can take Pluto (more on Pluto later--when I give the full Disneyland report), how it's going to be more fun than she could possibly imagine.

She's not buying it.

So, this morning, as we were folding clothes, I tried again.  Here's what happened:

Me:  So Heather, tomorrow, after you've played with dad and Eden, do you remember what you get to do? 
Heather:  What mom?
Me:  You get to go to grandma's for a sleepover!!!!!!  Isn't that going to be fun???
Heather (thoughtfully):  Well, I don't really think so.
Me:  Oh, I think it will be really fun!  I bet you can play games there, or maybe even have a movie night!  I wish I could have a sleepover at grandma's!
Heather:  Well, you can come if you want to.
Me (a bit stymied):  Well, actually, I can't.  See, daddy and I are going to Salt Lake on Friday, so we can't stay at grandma's house.
Heather:  How come you are going to Salt Lake?
Me:  Well, it's our anniversary.
Heather (looking confused): ???
Me:  It's kind of like the birthday of our family.
Heather (with a sorrowful expression):  But I'm part of our family too, aren't I?

She's right of course.  If it's the birthday of our family, Heather should surely be part of the celebration.  She is a big, important, critical part of the family, after all.

And that friends, is why our home is currently filled with the smell of peanut butter cupcakes baking away in the oven.  We're going all out and having a family birthday party on Saturday night.  Kraft Mac 'n Cheese, PB Cupcakes, Go Fish, and Candyland are pretty much all foregone conclusions.  It's gonna be great.

(Pretty sure the highlight for me though is still going to be the Saturday morning sleep-in.)



Kala said...

Love this post. We have a what we call a Love Dinner with the kids. Candlelight and all to celebrate the family. Then we do our own thing. The kids love the special dinner.

Bamamoma said...

Eden is having a sleepover with Grammy on Friday night too (just because she has been begging for one and that is when Grammy suggested). I'll tell her to share her enthusiasm and excitement with Heather while they are playing together. Maybe we can encourage a "if Eden is doing it I want to do it" moment. :)

Happy family birthday!

Harmony said...

Smart little girl, that Heather is!

ShaLiece said...

Happy Family Birthday- AKA "Anniversary"! You were a beautiful bride! That was a fun wedding weekend. Hope you have a great one...and Eric too :)

Melissa Corry said...

So awesome!! I can't believe it has been 5 years, crazy how time flies :) The kids all look so little in the pictures :)

Carol said...

Wow - five years?! How in the world did that happen? I think the cheesy picture is too funny! It was such a fun weekend. I still remember all the pies at the reception - that was just so you.

Happy Anniversary and Family Day!! Give Hugs to everyone for me!

Mom C said...

We hope you had an awesome time Saturday.

Charlotte said...

So so sooo awesome.

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