Monday, March 19, 2012

The Wrap-Up

First of all, I've gotta say, THANK YOU to all for humoring me in this silliness year after year after year.  Is it weird of me to say that Midwinter Musical Madness is one of the surprise highlights of my year?  Weird or not though, it absolutely is.

As is custom (as of last year), Harmony wrote us a literary masterpiece summing up much of the years' competition.  I can't have it hidden away in the comments, so here it is:

If Charlotte Gives You a Showtune
adapted by Harmony P.

If Charlotte gives you a showtune, you might know it, and you might not.

If you know it, and if you happen to guess the song and the musical before any one else does, you’ll score seven big points!

If you don’t know it, you might start racking your brain, trying to think of any musical you’ve ever seen or heard of that fits the lyrics.

Or you might give up and google (or goggle) the lyrics because it’s driving you crazy. If you google the lyrics, you might kick yourself because you should have known the song and the musical they came from. Or you might kick yourself later because you lacked the patience to wait for the extra clues that showed up in the comments.

Or you might have no clue and resort to groveling for whim points. You might scour your memory for any connection or experience that relates to the lyrics, the musical, or the content of Charlotte’s post. You might (temporarily) neglect work, family, or chores to compose a witty response. You might compulsively check Charlotte’s blog to see if a new post is up, or to read everyone else’s comments in hopes of turning their words to your own purposes.

If you are Melissa, you probably know the musical and have the song memorized, because you exercise to Broadway music. So you might whim your way to points by expounding on the characters. 

Hearing about the characters will probably remind Carol of the actors who played the characters in the movies. 

When she mentions one, Nathan might recognize the actor and educate us on all the other movies and TV shows he’s been in. 

When Nathan forgets a movie or an actor, Jeff will probably remember it and connect it to German, German literature, or a celebrity rehab center in Utah Valley. 

Bored with all of Jeff’s Nazi references, Jacob will turn the conversation to sports. 

Talking about sports will probably make Robert competitive, so he will tell a story about Jake almost getting hit by a car–twice. 

When Mom C hears Robert’s story, it might remind her of other Corry family stories. 

Always a great story-teller, Jeri will add one of her own.

Jeri’s story will probably make Charlotte laugh.

And when Charlotte laughs, chances are, she will give you another showtune! 

And, now, for our winners:

In fifth place, we have Jeri.  
(thunderous applause)

In fourth place, we have Melissa.
(muffled excited screams)

In a tie for second place, we have my mom, and Harmony.
(less-muffled, excited screams)

And, in first place, setting a record for being our first male winner, and proving to all of us that when it all comes down to it,  Midwinter Musical Madness is MUCH more about whims and laughter (specifically my laughter) than it is about Broadway Musicals, we have the intrepid, the creative, and the never-afraid-to-grovel-for-whim-points . . . 



So, you wanna know about prizes?

Well, basically, since Jeff has never won before, he gets the whole ball of wax.  So, he gets:

  • Bragging Rights, Sidebar Picture and Personal Poetry Prize (if I ever get around to writing it--I didn't last year--sorry, mom)
  • $50 gift certificate to
  • An evening of games with yours truly, Mr. yours truly, and her little truly highness.  

Thanks again to all of you for another fabulous few weeks of silliness and laughter.  How I love you all.  




deutschlehrer said...

Wahoo!! I guess I won by sheer brute force of the number of posts. Thanks for the fun. I will even cook the thai food for the game night. My kids are already campaigning for beard hats.

Kaylee C said...

hmmm...I don't think you ever pulled out a Wicked lyric...I was counting on that one! but unless it would have been 90 points..I still lost :)

Charlotte said...

Kaylee--you are CRACKING ME UP!

But your right--no Wicked lyrics this year. Bummer.

Jeff--I could definitely come up with a few (like, at least five) beard hats, should you so desire. I got some practice with my Christmas gifts this year for sure.

Jeri said...

Way to go Jeff! (and just to be clear, I knew you had played in previous years, but you had never really been a CONTENDER...) you were a masterful whim player this year... I just couldn't get on a good whim run.

Go for the beard hats! they are so fun! then post a picture of all the boys wearing them!

great wrap up Harmony!

Carol said...

Mein Deutsch ist ziemlich rostig. Aber ich möchte unsere Deutchen Lehrer für seine große MMM fähigkeit. Er erinnert mich der Gus aus dem Film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” nachweisen können, alles kommt aus Griechenland. Jeff ist unser Deutscher Gus! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu einem fantastischen MMM gewinnen!

Thanks Charlotte for a fantastic, and fun ride!

Harmony said...

Carol, Jeff was impressed by your German! And good job on the lightning round!

First of all, I have to say that we all know Melissa would have killed us if she had been able to show up yesterday. Hope it works out better for her next year. (Wait, did I say that?!)

Secondly, Charlotte, I don't feel short-changed for only getting 20 points for my literary adaptation. I admit it wasn't as good as last year's. On the other hand--three points?! I lost to Jeff by three points?! You should have seen his reaction when he thought I dumbledored him. :-) It feels a little rigged, but I'm proud to be married to this year's grand champion and history-maker, especially because I benefit from the dinner and game night as much as he does. He can have the glory, and I don't have to cook! :-)

Thanks to all of you for all the fun again this year! I have to say though, I'm glad it's over, 'cuz I've got a really busy rest of the week, including a son's birthday and baptism, and I got nothin' done yesterday!

Charlotte said...

Rigged? I can't imagine what you are talking about. ;)

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