Monday, March 19, 2012

Those who have seen your face draw back in fear ...

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)

Thanks for playing!

I'll have a winner posted soon.


Jeri said...

pretty sure it's phantom of the opera, but don't know which song

Jeri said...

bonus points for being with Charlotte (and Mercy) in San Fransisco (one of Charlotte's favorite places on earth) the first time I saw this one. what a great memory!

deutschlehrer said...

That was going to be my guess. Jeri beat me. But in case you are wrong. . .
Sweeney Todd

Mom C said...

Christine is singing to the Phantom.
I saw a documentary on the creating of Phantom. It was fascinating.

Jeri said...

Come on Harmony!!! whim away - you are the only on who can take it away from JEff!!! (we can't let a first time contender/ german-nazi-hijacker win!!!) (if you do win Jeff, well played)

deutschlehrer said...

Thanks Jeri, but this isn't my first time playing, just the first time I had spring break over MMM. It gave me a little time to contribute. Sorry for hijacking to Germany so often, but you gotta go with what you know, and in my case, that isn't musicals really.

It was fun.

Mom C said...

Some trivia: Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the musical and the rumor is true, he wrote the part of Christine for his wife Sarah Brightman, as the time an unknown singer from the chorus.

Michael Crawford plays the Phantom. He was not the original choice. Another singer, a rock singer, recorded several singles from the play but the longer he worked the less the producer felt he would be able to do the job.

Phantom almost closed before it opened. Les Miz opened as they were preparing Phantom and they got such bad reviews and Phantom was getting bad press that it was almost bagged several times.

The opening night of the previews, Sarah had laryngitis so her understudy took the part and was the first Christine. She gave a magnificent performance. Sarah was back the next night.

Michael Crawford was a television star, he played a haples guy who causes mayhem and craziness where ever he went. The public didn't know he could sing. As he learned the part he became more and more the phantom until the cast really began thinking there was a phantom.

The mask had to be designed so it covered the face but left the mouth and jaw workable so Crawford could sing.

Michael Crawford also starred in Hello Dolly.

In the masquerade number the producer wanted more people on stage but financially couldn't afford the extras for just that scene so they used life sized puppets.

The boat was propelled by short wave but the chemicals used to create the dry ice effect made its movement uncertain. Crawford talked about the time it rammed into the front of the stage, one time it turned around and took them right off stage again and the time he had to get out and pull it, apparently through the water so they could move on to the next scene.

Mom C said...

Fun. Thanks.

Charlotte said...

woohoo jeri! 1 point for being first on the board, and two points for the musical. 1 point for having seen the show, another 'cuz you saw it with me (in SFran no less!)

Mom: 7 points for all that trivia. Interesting stuff.

A note on the way things are coming out--I'm pleased as punch that we have a husband & wife duo in the lead, to be honest, and I think it's hilarious that MMM this year has turned into Whimfest 2012. Seriously, it all just cracks me up!

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