Friday, March 02, 2012

Random Photo Friday-A woman doesn't know what she has until she loses it

Remember Fabulous Forty?

Fabulous Forty MY EYE!!!
(Get it?  My eye???  I crack me up!!!)

THIS is what we've come to!

Photography by Heather.  This explains why I have no crown-of-the-head in either of these pictures.


Dye jobs &/or salt and pepper hair can't be far behind.  

5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical
other points awarded as whims dictate


Carol said...

That's why I had lasik!! Is this from Damn Yankees? I think the song title is "A Man Doesn't Know".

Carol said...

I think Joe and Meg sing this one - my memory wheels aren't turning very quickly or well!

Charlotte said...

boo-yah! You nailed it Carol!

5 points for song
2 points for musical
1 point for knowing the characters

8 points total! nice job!

Harmony said...

My eyesight remains okay so far, but in my old age I am losing my hearing. This morning my 5-yr-old carried all of his blocks upstairs--no small feat. He then came in the kitchen and said, "I want to take a video of my black cow falling." Huh??? I'm thinking, "Since when did we have a black cow, and what would make it fall, and why would you want to take a video of it?" After some clarification, I discovered that he really wanted to make a video of his block tower falling. Duh, Mom!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Dang It. To slow again. Although I missed it this time because I was downstairs finishing up a certian 4th of July table runner for a certain favorite person. Do I get a point for that???

(I think I might have said this last year but I need some whim points so here it goes again :)

I loved working in the box office when USF did this show. No one wanted to say "Damn Yankess" when ordering tickets. Most of the time people asked for Darn Yankees tickets but occasionally we got some pretty creative alternate titles for the show. Some of my favorites were the Devil and the Housewife, the Old and Young Baseball Player, and my favorite Yamn Dankees :)

Robert said...

@#$!, I could have had this by 10 minutes if I actually knew anything about Musicals. Oh Well I guess it's time to go wimming.

A few weeks ago Mary Brown asked ShaLiece and me to speak at Stake Youth Standards Night. It is this Sunday and it is causing us both quite a bit of stress. What does this have to do with Damn Yankees? Well I'll tell you.

Mary Brown was called to the stake Young Womens presidency by President Eric Schmutz, who is a big Yankee's fan and one of the topics we were asked to address is poor language. Thus my connection to @#$! and Yankees.

Charlotte said...

One point to Harmony for being another woman who didn't know what she had until she lost it.

One point for Melissa for working on my table runner instead of playing this silly game. Another point for Yamn Dankees, 'cuz I don't think I remember that one from last year, and it tickles me.

Robert: 2 points for creative use of @#$!, and an additional point for being willing to speak at standards night, AND tying it all together with the very risque name of this musical.

Jeri said...

I'm with Robert... I was online when this came up, but I didn't know it. Yet another one I've never seen. I obviously need to start checking out musicals at the library.

I'm also with Harmony - my HEARING is going. (either that or else I'm getting so good at turning out the kids that I just don't hear them on purpose) (- LOVE the falling cow Harmony!)

I dated a fellow (think gypsy moths) who was a HUGE baseball fan, and his favorite team was the YANKEES. wait... I'm thinking that maybe, perhaps, maybe maybe... my little brother sang a song from this musical once - maybe they even did the play in HS??? DANG! I can't remember for sure, but it sure seems like it's maybe semi-vaugly familiar'ish. Maybe?
my eyesight has been gone for years, hearing on its way out, and apparently my MEMORY is also MIA. It's ALL downhill from here!

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I played in the pit orchestra when CHS did this play and the girl that was playing Lola got ripped a new one because she was being a completely inappropriate for high school temptress - apparently complete with gyrations and touching and all sorts of things. I didn't see it though because I was trying to be the good little orchestra member. Music first.

Hoping I can jump over and play but really busy this year. I'll enter for whim when possible :)

deutschlehrer said...

Damn Yankees happens to be a musical based (I am not making this up) based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust. That story goes back to a medieval legend, The main feature of which has Dr. Faust (that's right, he's a professor) makes a pact with the devil. The devil (his name is Mephistopheles) has to serve Faust for 20 years. after which Faust has to surrender his soul.

By the way, Faust is considered the greatest work of German Literature. It is over 10,000 lines of rhymed verse.

I have read all 10,000 lines about 3 times.

I have also read the medieval version of the story, Die Historia von Dr. Johan Faustus, twice.

My father's grandmother was a Foutz--which is probably etymologically identical to Faust.

Ghost Rider, staring Nick Cage, is also a Faust story, also featuring a pact with the devil.
I have not seen this movie nor the sequel, since I avoid Nick Cage movies.

I hate the Yankees at least as bad as the lead of the play, although I wouldn't sell my soul to see them lose.

I might consider it if we were talking about Kobe Bryant and the lakers--except that it wouldn't work because I am pretty sure that Kobe Bryant is the devil, so I could hardly make a pact with the devil to take out a devil.

deutschlehrer said...

And my hearing is just fine--but my eyesight is bad--Our kids are doomed to have my eyes, Harmony's ears, as well as her teeth.

deutschlehrer said...

By the way, it is nice to finally have a chance to prove that a Ph.D. in German actually does have some useful application

Charlotte said...

Yeah, I kinda took the weekend off from the blog, huh? Anyway . . .

Jeri gets a point for dating a Yankee fan, and another for being a fellow woman who didn't know what she had until she lost it.

Total points: 2

Heidi gets a point for joining Jeri and Harmony in their never-seen-this-before club. And another point for the whole "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" stuff.

Total points: 2

Tasha gets a point because it's March and she found time to find the blog during the busiest month of her year. Another point for that awesome story about CHS' production. Classic.

Total points: 2

Jeff gets 2 points for the Faust/Damn Yankees connection, and another point for being our resident expert on the subject. (If you're hankering for a jaunt to Logan this summer, I happen to know a professional opera festival that will be producing Faust this summer. I can even get you a 15% discount on tickets if you ask me really nicely.) Another point for being related (probably) to a Faust. Yet another point for recognizing that Ghost Rider is another telling of the Faust story (you may or may not all remember that tickets to Ghost Rider happened to be my Valentine gift to Eric for our first married Valentines Day. See entry dated 2/13/07 for proof). I'd give you points for tying the whole thing to sports, a la my brothers, and using sports figures that I've actually heard of (unlike a certain brother who will remain nameless, but his name rhymes with "wake-up"), but with a show like Damn Yankees, tying it to sports is hardly an achievement. Another point for joining the club of people who didn't know what they had until they lost it--although, haven't your eyes always been a little on the dicey side? (Like mine--pre-lasik?)

And, one more point for being the obvious whim champion on this round. Amazing.

Total points: 7

deutschlehrer said...

I may take you up on the faust tickets, even though the opera is in French

Nate said...

Hey I may be late, but....
Last summer we saw the Outlaw Theater (i.e. Vernal Community) production of Damn Yankees. It starred our son's primary chorister as Joe. We sat on the second row and were annoyed by the people on the front row who texted all the way through the play. I was going to say something to our friend who played Joe, but then I saw him greet and hug them. They were his relatives.
In college I took a class that dedicated the entire semester to Faust. Not only did we watch Damn Yankees, I'm pretty sure I said "Damn" numerous times that semester. Jeff can attest, he helped me with the class. The second useful reason to have a PhD in German literature-helping your brother with his homework.
Additionally, the 1981 classic "The devil and Max Devlin" was also based on Faust. It starred Elliot Gould as Max Devlin and Bill Cosby as the Devil (he sports a really awesomely fake pair of goat legs at the end).
Also, I've seen the movies Little shop of Horror, Bedazzled, The Devil's advocate, The Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, which, according to Wikipedia, are all based on Faust! Whew

Charlotte said...

Jeff-no points, but you can DEFINITELY plan on taking me up on the ticket order, if you are so inclined.


No worries about being late. MMM isn't over till it's over!

1 point for having seen the show live, within the last year. Another point for having the good sense to not offend the relatives of one of the stars of the show! One point for clever use of the word "Damn" in your explanation of the class. (seriously, I got a chuckle out of that one). I do love "The Devil and Max Devlin", so I'll give you a point for bringing that one back to memory. Isn't one of the characters there a guy/teenager that looks vaguely like a cross between John Denver and a grown-up version of Ralphie from Christmas Story? I'm thinking he rode a motorcycle or something? One more point for taking the time to write all those other movies as well, giving me something to think about all day as I try to piece together the similarities between those shows and the original Faust (or what I know of it).

Total points: 5

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