Friday, March 09, 2012

Random Photo Friday--every task you undertake, becomes a piece of . . .

We made cupcakes awhile back.

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The best thing about the whole thing was that she kept whispering, "Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle" as she distributed those sprinkles.

So freaking fun.

(Before you get too impressed with the icing skills, we used our handy dandy dessert decorator plus which at $12, came highly recommended by Heidi.  I may never frost another thing by hand again for the rest of my life.) 


5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical
other points awarded by whim


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Mary Poppins

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

A Spoonful of Sugar

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

In the Movie, Julie Andrews sings this. The broadway was in Chicago when we were living in IN but we didn't go. Now I wish we would have because I have heard that it is fabulous!!!

Jeri said...

Julie Andrews plays the role - darn you Melissa! I knew this one. it was a piece of cake, actually! I think I mentioned it last year, but if I heard the story correctly, the role was offered to Audrey Hepburn, who turned it down thinking the role of a singing magical nanny couldn't do much for her career. I LOVE Audrey Hepburn, but I think she was wrong on this one. then again - I really can't even imagine her in the role. Julie Andrews IS Mary Poppins.

Robert said...

I'm still trying to puzzle out the last one but seeing this musical with you and Eric last year ought to be worth something. Right?

Robert said...

I left a message on the other post but what about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Bert, the other lead was played by Dick Van Dyke. But he doesn't sing in this particular song. But as a kid, I always tried to make the same noise he did when he pretended to paddle the boat. I thought it was so cool.

Nate said...

Dick Van Dyke shares a name with Anthony van Dyck. Who as everybody knows is the famous 17th century Flemish painter. The popular facial hair styling embraced by noted celebrities such as Charles I of England, George Armstrong Custer, Vladimir Lenin, and Johnny Depp is known as a Van Dyke and is named for the painter. I happen to have a Van Dyke beard currently. It is NOT a goatee, which is just a beard on the chin. If a mustache is involved, it's a Van Dyke.
(I had to look up the famous celebrities in Wikipedia, but I did know the Van Dyke factoid)

Jake said...

One of my favorite Simpsons episodes was the parody of Marry Poppins. The Sherry Bobbins songs are priceless. Cut every corner is particularly good. If you haven't heard it you should YouTube it.

Lindsey said...

There is a Mrs. Corry in Mary Poppins. Bert sings about her near the beginning. Steve pointed it out to me and I think it's nifty. :)
That's all I've got.

Nate said...

Van Dyke is also a Dutch name which means it comes from Belgium (not Deutsch, which as this group should know is German. But the two languages share an entymology and are quite similar).
Belgium was also invaded by the Nazis in 1940 and subsequently freed by the Allies in 1944.
Do I get extra points for beating Jeff to the Nazi punch?

Charlotte said...

and Melissa is BACK IN THE GAME!

2 points for the name of the musical
5 points for the name of the song
1 point for Julie Andrews
1 point for Bert/Dick Van Dyke, and one point for the mental image of you trying to make the boat paddling sound.

Total points: 9

I'll give you a point for this story, but I'm not sure that really happened. I could be wrong, but I think the story is that Audrey Hepburn was given the role of Eliza Doolittle in the movie version of My Fair Lady, an obvious snub to Julie Andrews, who had played the role on Broadway (and could do her own singing, unlike Audrey). Having a free calendar, Julie accepted the role of Mary Poppins, and we are all blessed because of it, if you ask me.

Robert: 1 point for having seen the broadway version of the show, another point because we were in the same theatre when we saw it together.

Total points: 2

Total points: 2

Nate: 2 points for that fascinating treatise on Flemish Painters and facial hair names. One point for tying us back to Germany/Nazies, and one point for beating Jeff to the punch.

Total points: 4

Jake: 2 points for sending me to youtube and "cut every corner" Classic!

Lindsey: 1 point for having the same name as a character in the show. Since I imagine Melissa will want this same point as well, I'll give you another point for bringing it up first.

Total points: 2

deutschlehrer said...

Marry Poppins stars Julie Andrews, who also stars as Fräulein Maria in the Sound of Music--Which of course features an Austrian Family fleeing from the Nazis--cudos to nate for beating me to the German punch.--

If I am not mistaken, I think Julie Andrews may have done a stint in rehab at one time, although not in Utah.

Dutch is actually a LOW German dialect-as is English- and differs from German in an number of specific consonant shifts, for example, p-pf (compare Dutch "appel" to German "apfel") and d-t (dag-Tag-day). I am sure you all would be as interested in this as I am, which is why I am sharing it--it is your heritage as English speakers.

New York was also settled by the Dutch, as the group They Might be Giants sing-- "Even old New York was once New Amsterdam" in the song "Istanbul"

Many pirates were also Dutch, such as Zymen Danseker (okay I had to google the name, but I knew there were many Dutch pirates).

Octopi are not native to Dutch waters as far as I know.

deutschlehrer said...

Dick Van Dyke also stars in the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, featuring a flying car (who doesn't like flying cars--although with my experience designing airplanes, I am certain that car could never get off the ground)--

In the film, Van Dyke flies to a castle to save his kids--the castle happens to be Neu Schwanstein in Bavarian Germany, and all the bad guys are clearly modeled after Germans, with prussian helmets and German accents.

Nate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

5 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 10 Can I have my extra point??

The 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 reminds me of Clue. Did you ever watch that movie?? Classic!!! Wouldn't that make an awesome musical??? (Probably not but I had to find some way to tie this in :)

Nate said...

BELGIUM! Why didn't I think of The Sound of Music tie in before Jeff! Beligium man! Beligum (Sorry for the blatant profanity) {Anyone who gets that, besides Jeff, gets a bonus point on my blog. Whatever that is worth.}

Julie Andrew's co-star in "The Sound of Music" was Christopher Plummer. He has a notorious hatred for the movie and doesn't like that he is associated with it. He often refers to it as "The sound of Mucus". (Google verified)

Charlotte said...

Jeff: 1 point for tying Mary Poppins to Julie Andrews to Sound of Music to your favorite of all subjects.

No points for the rehab, unless you can prove it.

One point for the German/Dutch English heritage lesson. We didn't even have to pay tuition or fees for that. Bargain!

One point for the They Might Be Giants song, although why I should be giving you that point on a post about nannies in England, I don't know.

One point for the info about Dutch waters and Octopi.

One point for tying Mr Van Dyke back to Bavaria and Neu Schwanstein

Total points: 5

Nate: one point for that interesting fact about Christopher Plummer. Who knew?

Melissa--thanks for checking my math. And, I'll give you a point for OBVIOUS point groveling and Clue.

deutschlehrer said...

Julie Andrews did do rehab, although not for drugs or alcohol. It was grief rehab when she lost her voice in an operation.

Jake said...

I let Jessi help me with brownies yesterday. Considering how much older she is than Heather I am amazed at your patience to allow Heather to do sprinkles. Maybe soon she can move up to helping you make hot cross buns. I know Heather wants a penny for each one, but I'll still hold out for 7 for my penny.

deutschlehrer said...

Nate, Dutch is the language of Holland, which my Dutch companion told me is not quite the same thing as the Kingdom of the Netherlands (which also includes some islands not specifically part of Holland). In Belgium they speak either French or Flemish, which is also a low German dialect, almost, but not quite unlike Dutch in the same way that Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy get's a drink from the spaceship Heart of Gold's replicator that is almost but not entirely unlike tea.

Tea is the national drink of England, which is part of Great Britian in a way almost, but not entirely unlike Holland is part of the Netherlands.--which brings us back-in a way- to Mary Poppins. It also brings us to the East India Company, the source of all that British tea. During the French Revolution, many ships of the East India Company became privateers--in other words, state sanctioned pirates.

Harmony said...

I guess I'm feeling more nostalgic than witty today. I was thinking about Mary Poppins and realized that most of the lyrics I actually know from musicals I probably know because my parents bought LPs of the soundtracks before we even had a TV in the house, and long before VHS made movies of musicals so accessible. I guess that makes me OLD!

Doug said...

Since Jacob already took my sherry bobbins comment we wil do something else. Julie Andrews as mentioned is also in the sound of music. Probably the most famous song from that movie goes doe a deer a female deer, ray a drop of etc. etc. well in eight grade a fellow trumpeter in band taught me a different version of that song about an alcoholic beverage which goes like this.
Doe a beer a German beer, ray the guy who brings the beer. Me the one the beer is for. Far the distance to the beer. So I think I'll have a beer. La (ts) and lots and lots of beer. Tea, no thanks I'll have a beer. That will bring us back to doe.
Now I know that doe is probably not any kind of an alcoholic beverage from Germany and talking or singing about it may be walking a fine line for comments during the MMM however I am impressed that I do still remember the words to this parody and it does bring back good memories.

Jake said...

If Doug gets 15 points for that little ditty I won't object.

Charlotte said...

Jeff: one point for Ms. Andrews' rehab. You kind of lost me in that belgium hitchhiker romp, but I'll give you a point for bringing it back to tea, and then to pirates.

Jacob: one point for being a fellow-baker with your child. I have a recipe for hot cross buns, maybe Heather and I will have to make those sometime soon. I'll give you a point for brotherly love as well.

Harmony--I am TOTALLY with you on the LPs. Such good good memories. And yes, we're a little on the old side. One point for that!

Doug--I'm not going to give you 15 points, but I will give you five. That's a long time to remember that silly song. (and Germany is semi-famous for their beer, so you've got that going for you as well.)

Nate said...

Jeff, Belgium has three official languages: French, German and Dutch.

So again you are almost, but not completely un-correct.
As the Bowl of Petunias said, "Oh no. Not again."

deutschlehrer said...

alright then, we'll call it a draw.

deutschlehrer said...

An explanation for the tea:

No points necessary (but happily accepted) Everyone should know about Douglas Adams--world literature.

by the way, reports today that Dick van Dyke (86) has just married his 40-year-old makeup artist.

Though you all might be interested.

Jake said...

Mary Poppins was a nanny and as I recall you were a nanny. I bet you sang all kinds of crazy songs to those kids.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

So I was rereading these comments this morning and when I read about the "clue musical thing" I had a little light go off that I seemed to recall someone at some point saying they were actually making a musical based on the well loved game. Turns out . . . They Did :)

Charlotte said...

Jeff: 1 point for the education on Arthur Dent. I dated a guy for awhile who was enamored with the Hitchhiker's Guide Book (s?). Sometimes he'd get a little (a lot) over my head in his description of them, but it was always fun to see his passion for them.

Jacob: As a matter of fact, I DID sing a bunch of crazy songs to those kids. 1 point.

Melissa-one point for tying "clue" to musicals, though at this point, I can't remember quite clearly why. :)

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