Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lord who made the lion and the lamb, you decreed I should be what I am . . .

Awhile back, I got to thinking about how the lion contributions around here had pretty much tapered down to nothing.  I got wondering if perhaps the Lion-collecting thing had been a passing fad around here, whose time had come and gone.

Come to find, at least one USoSL member (whose name might just be Harmony) had been holding out on me, as a (pretty much foolproof) plan to add to our Midwinter Musical Madness joy, as well as garner a few points for herself.  Sneaky girl.

Here are two lions, one (of which there are two photographs) taken in 2011 in Provo, Utah . . .

. . . and one of them taken in Franklin, Tennessee.  This one was taken just before Christmas in a gift store of some kind.  If you zoom in, you'll see that the price was $120, which is probably why we all need to settle for a photograph, rather than having visiting rights in Harmony & Jeff's home.  There isn't anything to show the scale, but Harmony estimates that the Lion is around 18" high.

And then we have this shot of my adorable niece Cecily, (and the back of my adorable daughter, Heather) in the Logan Cemetery.  We were there last month, and found this beauty.  

And there you have it.  I had to stretch a bit for the title, but you know how it goes, there are only so many musicals that sing specifically about lions, after all.


5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical 

10 points if you can point us to the video where an Apostle quotes and/or sings from this particular song.
other points awarded by whim


Jake said...

The lion King sung by Simba

Harmony said...

Fiddler on the Roof!

Harmony said...

Tevye singing If I were a Rich Man!

deutschlehrer said...

As I do every year when Fiddler on the Roof comes up in MMM, I would like to point out again that when I was in fifth grade, I played the fiance to Tevya's fourth daughter in the Moab community production of Fiddler on the Roof. The girl I was supposed to become engaged to was named Pam Lammers, and in the sixth grade I had a big crush on her. It would be the first time I would be rejected by a girl, but certainly not the last.

My dad played the russian constable, and on the second night of the show, he completely forgot his lines during his big scene. Tevya, (Mr. Blue, the high school choir teacher) had to bail him out.

My favorite line from the play is in the opening song "Tradition" where the people of the town ask "Rabbi, is there a blessing for the Czar?" To which the Rabbi answers, "The Lord bless and keep the Czar. . .far away from us."

Now in addition to speaking German, I also happen to have minored in Russian, the presumptive native language of the constable and the Czar. Czar is actually a russification (I just made that word up) of "Cesar". For those that are interested, the same word in German is obviously "Kaiser"--which, in addition to being the word for emperor, is also a really good roll, especially if you can find a fresh one at a corner bakery in Berlin.

"The Rye or the Kaiser," My brother will remember, a Wierd Al Yankovic spoof of survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" --The actual title is "Theme to Rocky 16," or something like that.

deutschlehrer said...

I should also point out that that Tevya's native tongue was most likely Yiddish, which happens to be a HIGH German dialect that has given us such great loanwords like "schlepp" "schmuck" "yutz" and "schlamiel" (think of the opening of Laverne and Shirley "Schlamiel, schlamazel, Hassenpfeffer incorperated.)--Hassenpfeffer, by the way is peppered rabbit, and is REALLY tastey.

deutschlehrer said...

And just to prove that Germans are literally everywhere, the name on the headstone in the picture--Fuhriman--is also of German origin. It means leading man--like Der Führer--the biggest Nazi of all. It is probably Bavarian, because of the "i" in the middle.

By the way, my students often remind me, you can't spell Führer without a smile ( Ü )

Jeri said...

I am still bambozzled in regard to how the game this year has been taken over by these blasted german nazi's!!!

(actually, I am quite amazed at how creative peoples minds are. I feel as of late that my brain is on sabbatical (an not in Germany unfortunately or at least I could get a point for it) I get a real kick out of the crazy comment threads, but can't come up with much to add to the fray. I DO have some pictures of lions that I took while in legoland last year... I just never got around to sending them... I'll do it tomorrow and hope for point.

Harmony said...

I had an epiphany tonight that I can't believe had never occurred to me earlier. My mom is an avid genealogist, and one of her ancestral lines that she has been working on lately is the Levingston family. She has traced them back across the ocean to Switzerland, but hasn't yet determined if they are originally Swiss, or if they were from the United Kingdom and sought refuge in Switzerland from religious persecution. Regardless, when they came to America their name was changed to Levingston from a German name which could have been Leibenstein (living stone) or Louwenstein (lion stone). There is no proof, but it is possible that I could be the progeny of stone lions!

Harmony said...

I think Pres. Monson may have quoted/sung this in the General Relief Society meeting in 2004, but I haven't found a video of it to confirm it.

Kaylee c. said...

Hmmm I'm just going to try music man, because it rhymes with the last word "am". Or maybe it's.....wizard of Oz? There's a lion in that. :)

Charlotte said...

Jacob: No, but I'll give you a point for being first on the board.

Harmony: 2 points for the musical, 2 points for each of your lions. 5 points for the name of the song, 1 point for knowing it was tevye who sings it. 3 points for that whole ride we took which ended up with YOU being the progeny of stone
lions! Amazing!

Total points: 15

Jeff: 1 point for being in the production, another point for sharing the experience with your father. Another point for the language lesson, and another for tying it to the ever quirky Weird Al. THREE points for the laverne and shirley trivia, expecially the hassenpfeffer. I loved that show growing up. Another point for taking Fuhriman and tying it to the subject that has ousted sports as the topic (aside from broadway music) that has been most prevalent in this years MMM competition.

Total points: 8

Jeri: I feel your pain. If you are able to get your brain off of sabbatical, you can always try to hijack the conversation back to a more Jeri-esque topic. It will take some persistence of course, but you are quite persistent, as I remember. No pressure. I'll give you a point just for sympathy.

Kaylee: I'll give you a point for the Wizard of Oz guess, but alas, you are incorrect.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

It's not a video but it is an Audio File of President Monson at the CES Fireside on Nov 6, 2005. He does the Fiddler on the Roof bit at 5 minuites into the talk :)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Here is a video of Dallin H Oaks singing "If I were a Rich Man" at about 2 minuites

Mom C said...

I was on the lion wave length. We found two in Kingman and Ryan took pictures on his cell phone but, alas, I can't remember what we were out doing and why we would be taking pictures! I'd say it was baby fatigue but I think this was before the baby was born.
Also, there are two guarding a home on the way to Mark's house. Everytime I drive by I think about snapping a picture but I'm always on my way to a meeting or starting later than planned for home.
I was going to say cameraless but I actually do know how to take a cell phone picture. Maybe I can remember that thought next time I drive by!

Mom C said...

Wizard of Oz has several songs, not only about lions but sung but a lion! When I brought Kamree and Kirstin down for a weekend not too long ago I kept singing "We're Off to See the Wizard", don't remember why but finally they asked what was the wizard and we established that they had never seen the Wizard of Oz. So We watched it over the weekend. It's still a little intense in parts but they loved all the characters, songs, color, everything!
And I saw the stage production on the famous UFO stage!
I tried out to be Dorothy in my junior high's traveling assembly. THey did a extremely shortened version of Wizard. I didn't get the part, it blighted my life forever!

Mom C said...

I wasn't going to comment but Dad is playing Foose Ball with Evan so I have a little space here. I think I should get points for getting Dad to play. And the four of us played Pit this morning! + for Dad playing, maybe - for playing on Sunday.
I want to comment on some previous posts. I won't go into the very unusual hijack of titles or how everything becomes german. Kinda reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the father always ties every word back to a greek origin. But as he says, we're all fruits.
I was going to make a comment about creamy mashed potatoes but Charlotte beat me to that! I laughed anyway.
The toffee sweets are actually a recipe from Grandma's neighbor, Grace Collette. They lived in the white house on the corner and they were the best neighbors. Grace was a real friend for my Mom. And they had a boy my age, Barry. Ah, Barry, we were inseparable! He'd get up in the morning and say, I want my Brarbra. They moved to Seattle around 3rd or 4th grade. It was really hard on Mom and me. I remember worrying about who I would marry because Barry and I had already made plans. We visited them either Jr Hi or HS but the spark wasn't there any more. Grace and Mom stayed close for the rest of their lives.

Mom C said...

Actually, in rereading some posts,(why, why would I do that!) Jeri actually made the first comment about While you were sleeping, which actually was the first movie I really became a Sandra Bulloch fan and noticed how many mannerisms she copied from the creator of this blog.

Mom C said...

And I wanted to talk about swimming at East High but Jeff corrected himself. East never had a pool, South High had the pool. West High, my alma mater, swam at the Deseret Gym. I swam at the Deseret Gym, the original DG which stood between the RS building and the Joseph Smith Bldg in the days when it was the Hotel Utah. Now there are the gorgeous Temple Square Gardens and the pedestal where the brides and grooms have their picture with the temple in the background taken.
That DG was torn down and the new Deseret Gym was built on the north east corner of what is now the Conference Center. I took swimming lessons at both although I admit, the new DG, which is now deceased, was intimidating. There were huge pools, basketball courts unnumbered, racquetball courts, a running track and luxuries unheard of in my day. I always wanted to swim competitively but alas, that was not in the cards. I really wanted to swim in HS, the boy right behind me in Soph English swam and he was such a stud. His name was Willis too so I sat in front of him the whole year. Thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure they didn't have a girl's HS swim team back then.
Willis is pure British, by the way. We can't get off that island.
I took summer band at East High, I marched with the drill team on their football field and on their basketball court. If we had lived 2 blocks east I would have gone to East but the boundary line was E St and I lived on C.

Mom C said...

I went to Bryant Junior High however. Half the kids went to East, some to South and a few of us from the west side of E street went to West.A number of years ago there was great angst and anguish when the school board changed the boundaries and made all the high avenues go to West. Talk about high society mixing with the dregs, haves versus have nots, money versus illegals! Class warfare in celestial heaven! But the School board stuck to their guns and I think most of the elite have adjusted. Didn't hurt that West has the International Baccalaureate program and East does not.
I walked home from West most of three years and in that hike I passed the capitol which had the best stone lions ever. They have been replaced, because of wear and tear and probably from all us avenue kids climbing on them and eating lunch right on their backs, but the new ones are OK too.
So I'm back to stone lions.

Harmony said...

Mom C--I grew up playing board games and card games on Sunday evenings. Pit! was the only game my dad outlawed because he said it became too rowdy for the Sabbath. :-)

Nate said...

OK, I would like to say that I had the opportunity to be in the same production as Jeff and my Dad. One night I went to a practice with them and was sitting in the seats when someone (a director, producer, wrangler of small children?) approached me and asked if I wanted to be in the play too. I was too shy and a little scared and said no. I instantly regretted it. It wasn't until I was 16 that my theatrical career was revived. The girl I was dating was directing a a one act play. I got two rolls; a disembodied voice from off-stage and a guy who walks across the stage and doesn't say anything.

Nate said...

And Jeff, I'm really disappointed. You wanted a Weird Al connection and you wend with "The Rye or the Kaiser"? Which is scary close to the actual plot of "Rocky Balboa" where he owns an Italian restaurant (as opposed to a deli in the song).
The obvious Yiddish crossover selection should have been "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi"! I mean half the song is in Yiddish! It includes such classics lines as these:

(How ya doin' Bernie?) Oy vey, oy vey

Meccha leccha hi, meccha meccha cholly ho (note: not actually Yiddish but it is from Pee Wee's Playhouse)

He's doin' well, I gotta kvell
The yentas love him, even shicksas think he's swell
Show up at his home, he says "Shalom"
And "Have some cake - you want some cake?"
Yah, he calls the shots, we really love him lots
Oy gevalt, I'm so ferklempt that I could plotz
So grab your yarmulka
The one you got for Chanukah
Let's put on our yarmulkas and
Hey! Hey! Do that Hebrew thing!

Nate said...

I would also like to note for the record the German word "Kaiser" is also part of "Kaiserschnitt". Something which, although it does sound something like some sort of haircut, you should never ever ask for from a barber. The actual translation is "Cesarian Section"

And while we're on German translations. Dr. Corry (the original) was playing Fooseball. This comes from the German "Fussball" or Football. German's also have the game with the armless guys impaled on metal rods. They call it "Soccer".

deutschlehrer said...

I think it is time for me to apologize for hijacking the comments section here to such a German theme. When you have a passion for something, it becomes easy to see it every where. I do have other interests though, so I think I will try and riff on those here for a while. . .

For example, I really love all things aeronautic. If it flies, I am interested. I have a coffee cup (used solely for pero--a German malted wheat drink - ack! those Germans again - sorry) that says "will fly for food" on it.

Anyway--Marry Poppins is just LOADED with flying references. One of my favorite scenes is the tea party (ref. east india company and pirates) to Uncle Albert who is stuck on the ceiling because he loves to laugh. Everyone ends up floating with him because this is what happens when you are happy. this is how flying my planes makes me feel, and I often have dreams that I can fly like Uncle Albert as well.

Second: Mary Poppins herself flies with her umbrella. Just cool.

Third: Final song, "Let's go fly a kite" Kite flying is almost as much fun as rc airplanes. My favorite kite is a two-stringed stunt kite. I am sure that if model airplanes had been around at the time, Bert would have been selling them.

So beware of airplane references. You have been warned

Charlotte said...

You are all in for it now. MOM is back from Arizona, and ready to play!

Melissa: 1 point for the President Monson audio file, and 10 points (as promised) for the Elder Oaks video.

Total points:11

Mom: I'm not giving you any points for seeing the lions. You have to photograph them and send me the photos (or post them on your own blog) to get the points. I have to draw the line somewhere!

One point for showing my nieces the Wizard of Oz, though that's pretty tangental to Fiddler on the Roof (but what else is new this time around?) Another point for trying out to be Dorothy, and another point for seeing the show at the Eccles. I'm unclear--are you wanting a point for seeing Wizard of Oz, or Fiddler? I believe you've seen both, haven't you? (You can't get two points though--so pick which one you want, because if Wizard of Oz comes up again in the lightning round or something, you won't be able to count it again.) One point for the background on the Toffee Sweets, and a little insight into your childhood love life. One of these days, I'm going to compile all these comments and write your life history. :) Another point for blatant flattery in comparing me to Sandra Bullock, one of my very favorite actresses. Two points for the detailed history lesson of the school systems and swimming pools in downtown Salt Lake. Two points for tying the whole lesson back to lions. Good work!

Total points: 9

Harmony: one point for growing up with a tradition I would like to start in my own family. (we might wait a bit though. Right now, the game of the minute is Candyland, and I'm suffering from Candyland burn-out in a MAJOR way.)

Nate: I'll give you a sympathy point for Fiddler on the Roof, just because I know how it is to be too shy and let opportunities pass you by. Another point for more (and better?) Weird Al references. And another point for making me laugh at the whole Cesarian SEction thing. Who knew?

Total Points: 3

Carol said...

Can't believe I missed this one!! I love this musical as well. I can only confess that I was busy making cupcakes for a baby shower on Saturday. I was able to get a hold of special molds to make the cutest little babies out of gum paste (disgustingly sweet stuff) to put on the cupcakes for the shower. I'll forward a picture and maybe get points here or on the cupcake/Mary Poppins post. My Auntie M (or Aunt Marie - but just can't resist calling her Auntie M as in from the Wizard of Oz) provided all the detail by using petal dust for the hair, lips, cheeks and creases. So fun this MMM is!

Charlotte said...

Those ARE amazing cupcakes Carol. Three points to you!

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