Monday, March 26, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

Remember how last summer we painted rocks?
That's ice in the bowl.


I can hardly wait to get the plastic off these strawberry plants and start watching for blooms and little bits of red deliciousness.

Ditto for the pink wading pool.
(Except for the whole "little bits of red deliciousness stuff.)

Spring oh spring, HURRY!

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Mom C said...

I picked spinach and swiss chard for Sunday dinner. These are plants that managed to winter over. There wasn't much spinach and I told the family that if they didn't want the spinach to please not take any because some of us did and I didn't want any wasted! Then ShaLiece showed up with a nice green salad. Dad commented that he didn't think he'd ever harvested from the garden in March before.
Snow, wind, rain and cold this morning. Dad was going to rototill, maybe not!

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