Monday, March 19, 2012

Because you've treated me so rotten and rough I've had enough of feelin' low

Lightning Round!

2 points for the name of the song
2 more points for the name of the musical

(other points awarded by whim, as always)


Mom C said...

Now that goes back to my comment about Bill Skyes and Nancy.

Mom C said...

Speaking of rotten. I noticed a nasty smell in our kitchen Saturday, isolated it coming from under the sink, figured it was all the diapers from tending. No, it was the shrimp casings I'd peeled the night before. Did you know shrimp casings spoil? And they stink! Oh do they stink!

Carol said...

Hello Dolly - So Long Dearie! (Which is what I have to say to the competition today - I'm headed home and will be working on projects for the rest of the evening - no computers!).

Mom C said...

Speaking of rough, I've worn out 2 pairs of water shoes walking around the lazy river.There's rough stuff on the bottom of the pool! Takes the rubber right off the sole and I'm down to my own sole rubbing on the pool floor again.

Mom C said...

Great job Carol. I'd forgotten that song. Barbara Streisand and Walter Matthau. Dolly is singing to Horace. Wasn't Carol Channing Dolly on Broadway?

Mom C said...

Did I mention that I made hats for SUU's production of Hello Dolly? Dolly's hats?

Harmony said...

Okay, I feel like I’m stretching it a little this year, but I couldn’t resist! (Posting a little early so I can still get my crossfit workout in before FHE.)

With thanks to Mom Corry for the idea, and with apologies to Laura Numeroff and all the MMM competitors not mentioned by name, I present:

If Charlotte Gives You a Showtune
adapted by Harmony P.

If Charlotte gives you a showtune, you might know it, and you might not.

If you know it, and if you happen to guess the song and the musical before any one else does, you’ll score seven big points!

If you don’t know it, you might start racking your brain, trying to think of any musical you’ve ever seen or heard of that fits the lyrics.

Or you might give up and google (or goggle) the lyrics because it’s driving you crazy. If you google the lyrics, you might kick yourself because you should have known the song and the musical they came from. Or you might kick yourself later because you lacked the patience to wait for the extra clues that showed up in the comments.

Or you might have no clue and resort to groveling for whim points. You might scour your memory for any connection or experience that relates to the lyrics, the musical, or the content of Charlotte’s post. You might (temporarily) neglect work, family, or chores to compose a witty response. You might compulsively check Charlotte’s blog to see if a new post is up, or to read everyone else’s comments in hopes of turning their words to your own purposes.

If you are Melissa, you probably know the musical and have the song memorized, because you exercise to Broadway music. So you might whim your way to points by expounding on the characters.

Hearing about the characters will probably remind Carol of the actors who played the characters in the movies.

When she mentions one, Nathan might recognize the actor and educate us on all the other movies and TV shows he’s been in.

When Nathan forgets a movie or an actor, Jeff will probably remember it and connect it to German, German literature, or a celebrity rehab center in Utah Valley.

Bored with all of Jeff’s Nazi references, Jacob will turn the conversation to sports.

Talking about sports will probably make Robert competitive, so he will tell a story about Jake almost getting hit by a car–twice.

When Mom C hears Robert’s story, it might remind her of other Corry family stories.

Always a great story-teller, Jeri will add one of her own.

Jeri’s story will probably make Charlotte laugh.

And when Charlotte laughs, chances are, she will give you another showtune!

Jake said...

The title of this post is how I feel about Peyton Manning today

Charlotte said...

a point to mom for being first on the board! Another point for that helpful tip about shrimp casings. Who knew? And one more point for the info about the cast members. Yes, I believe it was Carol Channing on Broadway.

Four points to Carol for the song and musical. Carol, you've really done admirably this round!

Harmony! I was HOPING you'd give us something along these lines again this year. Wa-Hoo!! (Talk about laughing! I'm laughing my head off here!) Twenty points to you, my dear. (Last year I gave you fifty--do you feel shortchanged?)

Jake: 1 point for your Peyton Pain. (I'm killin me here!)

deutschlehrer said...

Ack! I have been Dumbledored again --by my own wife!

Carol said...

I know it is a day late - but as the one in this competition who actually lives in Denver I have to comment on the Peyton thing.

First of all, I hate the way football dominates here in the good old Mile High City. The world could have blown up yesterday - oh, wait, part of it did - but the opening news story was not France, nor the Mid-East; but Peyton.

That being said, I saw a cartoon drawing last week that summed it all up for me. It was at one of my favorite Mexican dives. Peyton and Tebow are pictured as all dolled up women of the night. Elway and his cronies are pictured as business men all who have previously fawned over Tebow but how are now obviously ignoring their fav 'gal' for the 'new fluff' in town. I think that says it all!

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