Monday, March 12, 2012

because of all the beautiful and new things I'm learning about you . . .

I got thinking the other night that while I know you all pretty well on one level or another, it might be kind of fun to introduce you all to each other.  So, that's what today is all about.

So, in no particular order . . .

Heidi is one of my dearest friends, and the mother of Eden, who is one of Heather's dearest friends.  Heidi and I were roommates for nearly 10 years back in our single days, which was a huge huge blessing for both of us (I hope).  She lives here in Cache Valley.

Melissa is my sister-in-law.  She is married to my brother Jacob, and they live in Cedar City, two doors up from my parents in fact.  They have five children, one of whom is Spencer, of Robo-Hero Guardian fame.  Melissa and I share a common skill set, as we both have degrees in accounting, as well as work experience in that area.  Melissa has hung up her adding machine though, taking up a sewing machine instead.

Kaylee is my niece.  She's my oldest niece, the first child of my brother Robert and his wife ShaLiece.  For many years Kaylee (and ShaLiece) let me play "mother" from time to time, and Kaylee was the primary object of that playing.  She's a student (and a very talented runner) at Cedar High, and I'm proud as punch to be her aunt.

Tasha is my second cousin.  Her grandfather and my grandmother (who passed away when my father was seven) were siblings.  Her father is Wayne Decker, who was my track coach and one of my mentors at Cedar High.  Tasha is an excellent writer, pianist, and teacher (where she teaches English/Language Arts/whatever you call that field, and does it in Mr. Bonzo's old room) .  We won't see much of her around these parts right now, as she is busy planning three birthday parties and Junior Prom.   Tasha just happens to be married to Harmony's younger brother, and (obviously) lives in Cedar City.

Jeff and I were school classmates and neighbors in Cedar City.  We ran cross-country together, attended Sunday School together, sang in choirs together, and were Sterling Scholars together.  He took German from my Uncle Jeff, served a German speaking mission in what was then East Germany, and now teaches German at Utah Valley University.  He is married to Harmony, and they are raising four boys in Utah County.

Doug is my youngest and biggest (in height) brother.  He has a dental practice in East Texas, and is putting his time in there, waiting for the stars to align so he can move back to the fatherland, also known as Cedar City.

Jake (also known as Jacob) is another of my brothers.  He's married to Melissa, lives two doors up from my parents in Cedar City, and recently took over my father's medical practice.  Like all my brothers, he is obsessed with all things sports, which explains why he tries to turn every post I make into a sports cast.  He hosts his own Madness competition, (which I pretty much dominated last year) so we've got to wind this one up pretty quick or we're going to lose him.  Jacob makes me laugh like no one else, although at least half the time, I'm laughing at him, rather than with him.  Lucky for me, he's a good sport that way.

Dallen is my nephew, Kaylee's brother, Robert's son.  He's an avid reader, and really good at figuring out how mechanical things work.  I have some really fun and really touching moments of his childhood, but if I shared them here they might embarrass him, so I'll keep my mouth shut and my fingers still. Let me be clear though, I adore Dallen.  He is a great kid.

Jeri is the first roommate I ever had, and easily one of my very favorites.  We met through my cousin Julie (who is a sister to Joe Brent, who is the family doctor to Harmony and Jeff's kids, funny how all that works out, isn't it?).  Jeri stuck with me through tape lines down the middle of the room, and teasings, and late crazy nights.  We've stayed friends throughout the years, which is something that I really appreciate, and not just because she is willing to share her child-raising wisdom with me.  She and Harmony and Harmony's sister (Mercy) are also quite close, which is fun.  Jeri lives in Provo with her husband and four children.

Kala is short for Macayla, and she and I were school classmates in Cedar City as well.  She lives in Cedar City where she is raising a bunch of great kids.  For you Cedar-ites, she married Barry J who played the Saxophone in Middle School and High School (I don't want to use last names here.)  They live in the same ward and neighborhood as Robert, ShaLiece, Kaylee, and Dallen.  

Harmony and I were classmates as well.  We did Cross-Country and Track together at Cedar High, and also sang together in choirs, where Harmony had (and still has) a way of making people (particularly me) feel like about a million bucks.  Harmony has lived in Japan, Germany, and all over the USA, which at three continents, puts her one continent ahead of anyone I can think of in my acquaintance.

Mom C is my mom.  She's awesome.  I adore her.  She lives in Cedar City, where she spends time being the best grandmother I could ever imagine.  When she's not in Cedar, she can often be found in Cache Valley, Springville, Kingman, or Eastern Texas, fulfilling the same role.  We're lucky.

Robert is my oldest brother (though he's still younger than me).  He did my Saturday jobs for me once when I was a kid.  He's a structural engineer, and because of him, every time I think of that grey stuff that makes up sidewalks, I have to stop and ask myself if it's called "cement" or "concrete".  He has a wry sense of humor that cracks me up, and give the best hugs in our family, hands down.

Lindsey is married to my cousin Steve.  Steve is the third son of my Uncle Jeff.  My Uncle Jeff taught German to probably 90% of the people playing Midwinter Musical Madness this year.  Since German has taken a center role in the proceedings this year, I thought that might be important.  Lindsey is spunky and funny and kind.  She lives in Laramie Wyoming, where she is a teaching in the field of  English Language Learning.

Nate is the younger brother of Jeff.  He and I weren't in classes together, but we were neighbors, and I believe he shared classes with some of my younger siblings.  Nate is smart smart smart, and funny, and quirky.  Three of my favorite attributes.  Nate lives in Vernal where he and his wife are raising some really cute kids and working in some kind of field, but I'm not really clear as to what it is.  (Sorry Nate)

Carol is another dear friend that I met in Cache Valley.  She's back home in Denver now, but while she was  in Cache Valley, we served in church callings together, attended social functions together, and had a few heart-to-hearts in her beautifully decorated home.  I miss Carol, and wish she lived a bit closer.  She has a pure and loving heart, and will work tirelessly if the situation calls for it.  She's also an amazing cook, and that is no joke.  She works in development/fundraising/grants for education, and is the kind of aunt you all wish your kids had.

And there you have it!  Now you all know each other.  I thought this would be a quick and easy post, but it's turned out to be quite time consuming.  There are more of you than I realized, I guess (yippee!).  Anyway, if I've missed something that's critically important in your MMM bio, please don't hesitate to let me know.

And now, get to work on the whimming!  (I've practically handed you whim points on silver platters here.  I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous about where we might go today.  The image of of herding cats comes to mind.)


5 points for the name of the song
2 points for the name of the musical
other points awarded by whim


Mom C said...

The King and I, Anna sings it. Getting to Know You.

Mom C said...

Deborah Kerr was Anna in the movie and Yul Bryner was King. I think that was the first movie I saw him in and he was forever typecast. He was also the first movie star I knew to shave his head and probably did more to make bald heads sexy than anyone ever. I loved the ballroom dance scene, the epitany(?) of ballroom dancing.
I'm looking forward to a very productive Monday. Happy Birthday tomorrow.!!!!!!!(Your card will probably be late.)

Mom C said...

Just read a comic that reminds me of MMM. Dagwood:That commercial made me want to order a pepperoni pizza.
Blondie: Wasn't that a tire commercial, Dear? Dagwood: Exactly! Pepperoni pizzas are delivered by people driving vehicles on tires, are they not? Blondie: Well, yes.
Blondie: Apparently those crafty advertising advertising agencies sure know how to target their clients these days, don't they sweetheart?
Dagwood: It's sheer genius.
Yup, MMM for sure.

Jeri said...

a great musical (and one I knew... wishing I had logged in before running the carpool to school...)

Whim point for me because I was ALMOST BORN in Thailand. (had my baby shower there...) My dad was stationed there, and was transferred to Texas just a couple weeks before I was born. the ladies threw my mom (and me) a shower before they left. Now days I don't know that they would have let my mom fly, being so close to delivery.
Don't have any clue how to spell it, but to call people to dinner my mom always used a thai expression. here it is (phonetically) "ging-cow lay-o lay-o" it means come eat, hurry hurry - or something like that. ("ging" is a hard g sound by the way. I have learned by watching "Electric Company" that a "G" followed by e, i, or y makes the sound like a "J"; but I didn't know how to write it. "ging" rhymes with ring or sing but starting with a "guh" or hard g sound)

Also if we were moving or working too slowly, mom would often say "lay-o lay-o"

I've always been a little jealous of Heidi, that she got you for SO long... but I too am grateful for the time we spent as roomies, nannies, travel buddies, and FRIENDS! Also super thankful that being friends with you brought me into so many great friendship with the people in the "cedar crowd."

I not really into WHISTLING a HAPPY TUNE when I am afraid, but I DO sing to calm my nerves, and I have LOVED singing with you on the occasions that we have.

I have talked Tim into taking some ballroom dance lessons a couple years back. I LOVE it, and wish we could do it more. maybe in a different season of life... (and if I can learn to FOLLOW instead of trying to lead.)

gotta get to work - post weekend house is a wreck and Aaron resorted to looking through the dirty clothes for some school pants to wear to school today... bummer dude!

Jake said...

I still remember when they put that on when I was in High School. Scott Shakespeare was the King.

Mom C said...

I think I should get a point(s) by pointing out that I actually (Jane's favorite word BTW)know every person mentioned in your blog post. And I'm related to the majority and I also claim Heidi and Jeri and I should claim Jeff and Nate because of great associations with their mother.

deutschlehrer said...

Thai food is one of my favorite ethnic foods. So much so that I have learned to cook a number of them at home. Anyone that is interested can come visit us and can have their choice of Pad Thai, fresh spring rolls (these are amazing), pad prik king, panang curry, red curry, or massaman curry.

One of Yul Bryner's (I am going with Mom C's spelling)best roles was the Magnificent Seven, which was a western based on the Kirasawa film(Harmony will have to correct my spelling)"Seven Samurai. Both films feature a band of rogues (gunmen in the one, samurai in the other) who are hired to protect a poor town plagued by bandits. The magnificent Seven in turn inspired Pixar's a bug's life.

My two favorite characters from a Bug's life are the pill bugs Tuck and Roll-and I seem to remember hearing once, but cannot confirm without consulting the great google, that Tuck and Roll were based on Lenny and Squiggy from Lavern and Shirley. Even if they weren't, That is who they remind me of.

Nate said...

Are you ready for this?
Yul Bryner is mentioned in the classic 1984 song "One Night in Bangkok", which is featured in the musical "Chess" (which should get special recognition as the only musical ever about chess).
The song was written and performed by Murray Head, who is the brother of Anthony Stewart Head. Anthony played the character of Giles on the wonderful series "Buffy the Vampire slayer".

Nate said...

In season six they had an episode entitled "Once more with Feeling" where the entire hour-long episode is turned into a musical. All of the cast members performed their own vocals and dance routines.

Nate said...

Joss Whedon who wrote "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" also wrote "Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long blog". If you haven't seen this yet, stop whatever you are doing and watch it now! It is a very funny and touching web-musical about an evil super villian.
It stars Nathan Fillion (who stars as a writer on the show "Castle"), Felicia Day (Who has a web show called "The Guild" which is about a woman maintaining a video blog about gamers - very funny!), and Neil Patrick Harris who has been on Broadway and was the child star of "Doogie Howser, M.D." That show ended each episode with Doogie typing his thoughts into a computer. This could arguably be called the first example of a blog on TV.

Nate said...

That Series was written by Steven Bochco who also wrote the much deservedly short-lived and infamous show "Cop Rock", a television musical about cops. It's scary how that ever got the green light from the network.
Whew. I promise I'm done, for now. And the only thing I had to look up was which season the Buffy episode was in.

Nate said...

Oh, and for the record. I've been married to my wife JoLynn for 13 years. We've adopted two wonderful, loud and energentic boys, Corbin (7) and Aidan (5). I work for the BLM, like my Father before me (Star Wars Reference! The Force is strong with this one!)
I'm a Natural Resource Specialist for our Oil and Gas program. Which means I tell the companies if the can poke holes in the ground.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Speaking of the last post, Dallin H Oaks always reminds me of Yul Bryner. They look a lot a like to me. Just a side note :)

Charlotte said...

Mom: 7 points for the song and musical, 1 point for knowing that it's anna who sings it. 1 point each for Yul and Deborah. 1 point for that awesome Dagwood. Pretty applicable, I agree. A point for knowing everyone playing this game, and a point for pointing out the fact that Jane and Heather currently have the same favorite word.

Total points: 13

Jeri: One point for (almost) being born in Thailand. One point for the Thai lesson, and two points for taking my advice and trying to hijack the conversation away from German and to a language that will get you points. Another point for tying one of my favorite songs from the musical into the post. a point for having taken ballroom lessons (Eric and I want to do that sometime, but the stars haven't aligned yet. Maybe this fall)

Total points: 5

Jake: a point for having seen the CHS version and remembering who played the King. (Didn't Scott also play young Joe in the CHS version of Damn Yankees?)

Jeff: a point for thai food. I LOVE Thai food! I'm forseeing another game night/dinner night at your house this year, and you will be the chef. What do you think about that? Another point for remembering another one of Yul's good roles, and another for knowing that the Magnificent Seven inspired Bug's life. I had no idea. Another point for tying us back to Laverne and Shirley.

No need to apologize for the hijacking. As moderator and queen of this game, it is my job to keep these kinds of things in check if I deem it necessary. I haven't deemed it necessary, so no worries.

1 point for letting me know that Pero is german. Pero happens to be what I use anytime a recipe calls for coffee. My birthday cake for example (which is really just 3/4ths of our Valentine Cake which has been waiting patiently in the freezer for the big day) has a cup of "brewed and cooled" pero in it. Three points for cracking me up (seriously, I was laughing out loud, not just "LOLing") with your Mary Poppins flying references (which, really, I shouldn't allow on this post, but do I want to make you go back to the Mary Poppins post and put them there, making so I have to keep track of that post as well? NO!)

Total points: 8

Nate: A wild romp! I love it! One point for getting us to Chess (which is a musical I love, by the way), Another point for tying us to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which is a series we borrowed from some of Eric's cousins about 4 years ago, and which I watched for about two weeks, until I started having scary vampire nightmares and had to swear the series off.) Another point for getting us to Dr. Horrible (which I've seen) and the incourigible Doogie Howser. Did you all see his cameo in the new muppet movie? Classic. A point for pointing out the first blog. A point for tying it to Cop Rock, which is something I'd not heard of before. One more point, just because I really enjoyed that particular romp.

Total points: 6

Melissa--a point for tying Yul to our Fiddler singer from the last post.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Yul Bryner also starred in an old black and white version of the movie Anastasia along with Ingred Bergman. Which was not a musical. But sometime in the 90's Fox made a cartoon of Anastasia staring the voice talents of Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Burndadette Peters, Kelsey Grammer, Christopher Lloyd, and Angela Landsberry. And this version was a musical. In fact, it has some of my favorite songs in it, including one that is on my wedding video :)

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Marie Osmond played the part of Anna in this production for a few years on Broadway.

Charlotte said...

Jake--as I was adding the points, I decided you should get two for your comment--one for seeing the show, and one for remembering who was the lead.

Just FYI.

Nate said...

This one is a pure google effort.
Yul Brinner plays a Nazi in the 1966 movie "Triple Cross" which also stars Christopher Plummer, who fought the Nazis in "The Sound of Music" (I almost involuntarily typed "Mucus" there - whoops!)

Carol said...

Wow - I feel late to the party today! First of all, I want to award Charlotte 10 points for all the kind things she said about me!! I just love you Charlotte and for how inclusive you are of all of us.

Now, the competitive person in me just has to comment on this. Yes, Deborah Kerr performed in the King and I and appeared to do the singing. However, it was Marni Nixon who actually provided the singing (which she also provided in the infamous "An Affair to Remember). Also, did you know that the musical was written for someone else (I can't remember who), but she was diagnosed with cancer and passed before she could perform. Maureen O'Hara was then cast, but I don't think she liked Yul Brenner. Fortunately for all of us, Yul really wanted Deborah. It was a screen match made in heaven, don't ya' think?

(Can you tell this musical and actress are some of my favorites?)

Mom C said...

I thought I remembered Deborah Kerr didn't sing. Marni also sang for Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, I think, which UFO is putting on this summer. Vanessa Ballam plays Eliza and will do her own singing. Michael Ballam plays her father.
I have been to Thailand. Absolutely wonderful tour. Loved the sights and the food. My traveling companion was darn great too!

deutschlehrer said...

this round has me thinking about great bald actors--which I can link back again to Lenny and Squiggy, who (sorry Charlotte) were about the only part I liked about Laverne and Shirley.-- Here goes:

Yul Brinner was in Magnificent Seven in 1960 (had to google the date). Ten years later Telly Savalas stared with Clint Eastwood in Kelly's Heros, the best WWII movie ever made (sorry, back to German-it's everywhere!!)

In the 80's the war movie that had the biggest impact on me was Top Gun--mostly because of the flying-F-14s rock--

Now if you will remember, the Aircraft carrier commander was also completely bald, although I forget the actor's name. The other leads were Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.

Val Kilmer starred as Mad Mardigan in "Willow," which features a hobbit-like creature trying to save an infant princess. I am pretty sure the same actor plays Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter, but I digress.

Willow is assisted/hindered by two 3-inch tall brownies in his adventures. These two actors are-that's right-Lenny and Squiggy reunited.

For the record, R2-D2 and Darth Vader (without his helmet) are also both bald, but neither of them look like Dallin H. Oaks.

Nate: I am on spring break. Shouldn't you be at work?

Harmony said...

What a great idea to introduce us all to each other Charlotte. It's kind of nice to know the normal things as well as all the quirky things we learn about each other during this game.

No wild romps from me today though. I'll leave that to the apparent KINGS of pop culture--my husband and bro-in-law. I, however, just finished baking Mom C's toffee sweets with MY Dallin who is on treats tonight for Family Home Evening. Holy cow, it's a good thing I bought margarine last week! Nothing healthy about that recipe, which I'm sure explains why the dough tastes delicious. I'll let you know how the final product goes over with the gang. While mixing that decadent dough, I also repented and listened to/watched selections from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on YouTube. Can I just say though, Donny Osmond in a loincloth is a bit scary...

Mom C said...

True about Kelly's Heroes although it was set in France! That, Dirty Dozen (OK Germany) and The Great Escape are my favorite war movies. Telly Savalas was in The Dirty Dozen. I dated a guy who looked like Steve McQueen and rode a motorcycle. He loved to compete in motorcross back in the 60's. Dirty Dozen is mentioned in Sleepless in Seattle as well as Deborah Kerr's An Affair to Remember. The men start talking about classic lines which brings me to Dad's all time favorite part of Kelly's Heroes when Carroll O'Connor shuts everyone up so he can hear Kelly and his group trying to get over the bridge with "The games on".
Steve McQueen escaped from a German POW camp. My Dad was the commander of a German POW camp near Rheims, France (back to Kelly's Heroes) during WWII. He didn't do torture and no one escaped. He liked most of the regular army prisoners but he said the Nazi officers were impossible to work with and impossible to deal with. He finally sequestered the officers and used regular army in the chain of command. That's where he learned both German and French.

Mom C said...

And, I ended up marrying a guy who was blonde like Steve McQueen and rode a motorcycle, which motorcycle he quit riding when as a 3rd year med student, working the ER he saw a motorcycle accident victim come in, he on a stretcher and his leg in a bucket.

Telly Savalas played Kojak on TV. His trademark was sucking a lollipop which is a sweet which reminded me of toffee sweets and thanks for trying them out Harmony.
And this whole MMM reminds me of the books about: If you give A mouse a cookie, a moose a muffin, take a mouse to school, etc.

Mom C said...

Yul Brynner was born Yuliy Borisovich Bryner. He's Russian! Who knew. I always wondered what that hint of accent was. I goggled for this because I wanted to get the spelling right. And what about The Ten Commandments! What a great Pharaoh he was to Charlton Heston's Moses. Heston always had hair, even when he was very old. Moses had hair too, even when it all went white from visiting with God.

Charlotte said...

Melissa: 1 point for tying Yul to the Anastasia musical. Another point for Marie Osmond

Total: 2

Nate: 1 point for tying Yul to Christopher Plummer

Carol: 1 point for realizing that I was Marni nixon who did Deborah's singing. 1 more point for the other King and I trivia.

Mom: 1 point for knowing about UFO and My Fair Lady. 1 point for having been to Thailand. 1 point for the Romp and trivia on Kelly's heroes, et al. another point for more Yul B. trivia.

Jeff: 3 points for that romp from bald actors to WWII movies to Top Gun to lenny and squiggy and everywhere in between.

Harmony: 1 point for making the toffee sweets. 1 more point for having a son who shares a name (but not a spelling) with someone named in this post.

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I'm sneaking in a few minutes to say hi! Thanks for the info on me and my insanity and to add that my name is Russian and my brother just returned from a mission in Russia and by the end of this week I will have one birthday + party out of the way in which Jessi, who is your niece will attend, and she and Catie call each other their favorite third cousins and that's all I have.

Mom C said...

Catie and Jessi read to me every week. They really are good friends.

Harmony said...

We enjoyed the toffee sweets for FHE tonight. Rebekka, our exchange student from Germany, gave them a 6 on a scale of 1 to 5! She also suggested we try them with strawberries and cream instead of the frosting next time. Have you ever tried any other toppings? Besides being yummy, they were also really easy to make, and I didn't even have to make an extra trip to the grocery store to get any of the ingredients--bonus!

Jeff forgot one of my favorite bald actors--Patrick Stewart/Jean Luc Picard. He's more of a Shakespeare actor than a musical dance theatre guy though, I believe.

Melissa, I really like Anastasia too. And Mom C, I completely agree with the "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" comparison!

Mom C said...


Harmony said...


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!! I still wish I could have managed to speed up my labor so you and Kami could share the date like Mom and Catilyn but I guess the day after will have to do :)

Charlotte said...

Tasha: one point for having a russian name, and having a brother come back from russia this month! (You will all remember that Yul Bryner was Russian, right? And hey! It's not German!!)

(Aw Jeff, we tease because we love.)

One more point for facilitating third cousin love. Nice work.

Mom: 1 point for also being a facilitator of 3rd cousin love.

Harmony: A point for having a person from Germany eat, enjoy, and provide suggestions for improvement on the toffee sweet recipe. Another point for naming a fine bald actor.

I'm not awarding points for my happy birthday wishes, but I do appreciate them so. And Melissa--if the truth be told, I LOVE having Kami born on the 14th. It's like getting all the benefits and fun of sharing a birthday, without actually having to *share* a birthday. Works for me!

(I'm having a great day, btw. Slept in, sushi for lunch, and at 4:45 Heather and I (and Eric if he can get off work early enough) are going to The Muppet Movie at the dollar theatre. I'm even springing (calorie & fat-wise) for theatre popcorn. It MUST be a banner day!)

deutschlehrer said...

I have to remind you that I in fact minored in Russian, and can even still remember some of it. As a missionary in East Germany right after the fall of the wall, I met and even taught a Russian soldier once. They used to use the big 2-1/2 ton army trucks to train young soldiers to drive. I once saw one run over a little east german car (trabi). Very scary.

I can also tell you that the Russian and German languages exist on opposite sides of the so-called centum-satem split of the Indo-European language families. I can even tell you what that means--even if you don't want me to: the centum side (pronounced kentum) refers to all languages that use that word for "hundred" the /k/ sound in the latin centum mutates to an aspirated velar fricative (like a throat-clearing sound) in proto-germanic and then to a simple /h/ sound in modern German and English (hundred).

On the satem side, the /s/ sound is preserved for the word hundred, as evidenced in the Russian "sto".

So there is more language history than you probably ever wanted to know, but if someone cannot be German (Yul) then they might as well be Russian.

Peter Ustinov was also Russian, and provides the narration for a classic recording of Peter and the Wolf that I used to listen to as a kid.

Peter Ustinov is also the voice of Prince John in Disney's version of Robin Hood. The best part of that film was in fact the musical score (bringing us back to MMM) which was provided by the late great Roger Miller, (Robin Hood and Little John were walking through the forest, hoodalali, hoodalali, golly what a day. . .)
Right after listening to Peter and the Wolf, on long road trips my father would put in the Roger Miller cassette, and we would listen to classics like "cain't roller skate in a buffalo herd" and "King of the Road."

This last song was later covered by R.E.M.

Here is a link to R.E.M. singing the song

In Germany

deutschlehrer said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Charlotte. I hope you get lots of good stuff.

deutschlehrer said...

And coming back to Nate's post: Christopher Plummer, after playing Baron Von Trapp, and in Triple Cross, played a one-eyed, Shakespeare-quoting Klingon in Star Trek: The Undiscovered country. (famous line: "you have never seen Hamlet until you have seen it in the original Klingon) This led some overly enterprising and extremely Hard Core Trekkies to actually translate Hamlet into Klingon. It was recently produced for the stage in Seattle, I think.

deutschlehrer said...

Here is the verification, if you are interested: (all googled after my last post)

and the video:

Please note that most Klingons are only half bald, although Christopher Plummer's General Chang is rocks an awesome mustache with his completely bald head.

Mom C said...

In Daddy Day Care, one of the kids only speaks Klingon. Steve Kahn gets hijacked into helping and he also speaks Klingon. Bill Murphy(star) is mostly bald. So who invented the whole Klingon language? I watched as much Star Trek as anyone, first runs and re runs in the 70's and saw the movies but I never learned all that much Klingon.
Charlotte, may you Live Long and Prosper.

Jeri said...

"Holy Buckets, Peter!"

I must still be suffering from post time change or something, cause I can't follow this comment trail AT ALL! I finally figured out how we got to Russia when Charlotte said something about not forgetting that Yul was Russian...

If we gets point for knowing people we went to Russia, my brother Mark went to the St. Petersberg Russia Mission, and my nephew is serving there now. (for 12 more weeks) Just in case Germany is still somehow tied in here, my other nephew got home fro the Hamburg germany mission a year ago.

baldness: it runs in my family :) however, unfortunately being extra HAIRY also runs in my family. trouble is the baldness goes to the males and the extra hairy goes to the women. Pretty much goes that the girls in the family can grow mustaches before the boys... (better get a point for revealing such an embarrassing yet true fact) Are Russian Women hairy???

I remember watching a star trek movie-a-thon over at blodgetts house back during our roommate/ living it up in Cedar days...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLOTTE THE GREAT! glad you are having a great day!

Charlotte said...

Jeff: a point for minoring in Russian. Another point for that language lesson which was over my head, but definitely appreciated. Another point for taking us from Russia to Robin Hood to R.E.M., and (as always) to Germany. Good work.
Another point for getting us from Christopher Plummer to Star Trek, and for the insight into the Klingon Hamlet. ANOTHER point for that highly entertaining video. Awesome.

Total points: 5

Mom: a point for tying it all to Daddy Day Care, and another for being married to a semi-trekkie (like me, but take away the "semi")

Total points: 2

Jeri: THREE POINTS for that classic "While you were sleeping line." Classic, and SO apropos. A point for a russian missionary brother. I can't get into cousins unfortunately, because we all have WAY too many cousins to go down that road. Another point for the insights into the baldness/opposite baldness traits of your clan. Rough, but very very interesting. Another point for reminding me of the Star Trek -a-thon with the rude boys, back in the day. Good times.

Total points: 6

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