Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today--Valentine edition

Today, Eric and I and Heather and Grandpa Cantwell will be having a Valentine lunch at Logan's Heroes, as per our tradition.

Today, Heather and I will be cleaning the downstairs, including  the mopping of the floor.  Forget Valentines, that alone makes this a red letter day.

Today I will wear my somewhat tacky heart necklace that I wear once a year, and that Heather uses the other 364 days to create magic castles on my bed as I put on my jewelry in the morning.

Today, I will make a big batch of spaghetti sauce, boil up some spaghetti and throw together some foccacia bread for our Valentine's day feast.

Today, we will indulge with this delicious chocolate cake (ours will use pero instead of coffee, and will be two layers instead of three).  That's for me, 'cuz I'm a chocolate fiend.  However, we also have Valentine sugar cookies made up to appease Eric and his not-so-chocolate loving ways.

quirky 2-12
Never fear--all but eight of these have already gone to good homes.

Today, we will see some of our favorite people in the world, as they will be joining us for our Valentines Day Feast.

Today, I will think back on some of the Valentine's Days that I haven't loved (the year Eric got laid off, on Valentines Day, the year it dumped feet of snow on my little valley, nixing the excursion to a fabulous resort location in the mountains that had been planned all for me, the year I spent Valentines weekend home alone, watching Titanic documentaries as well as the Leo DiCaprio version), and some that I have loved very much (pretty much every one for the last five, plus several others interspersed here and there) and I'll be grateful and content to be where I am, doing what I'm doing.

Today promises to be a good day.


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ShaLiece said...

Happy Valentines! I love, love, sugar cookies! So, Lorien and I made a large double batch as well with ou 2 youngest, and they were gone quickly! Hope you had a great one.

So, on a side note, I'm sitting here listening to a book loaned to us by Ty's preschool teacher called, "The Soup Opera" by Jim Gill. I don't know if you've seen it, but I of course thought of you. I think it's very cute. A CD comes with it and it's sung "Opera style!" He's been singing it ever since I mentioned that I was going to the opera 2 weeks ago (La Boheme). Just thought I'd pass it along.:)

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