Sunday, February 19, 2012

three girls = love

I had the best day yesterday.

It was filled to overflowing with my (our) favorite things.

little girls
riding the bus
free saturdays at the anthropology museum
cafe rio
sitting with the arm of my #1 man around me for two uninterrupted hours  
(a/k/a the adult session of stake conference)
grown-up girl bonding time

I'll write about it in more detail and with about a million pictures at some point (soonish), but in the meantime, I feel the need to share this totally-cracks-me-up-video of the show to which I was treated as we were all waiting for the bus.  

Life is good.  
Soooo good.



corrie said...

that video is awesome!

Bamamoma said...

that would be her favorite songs from "Scripture Bugs" (a dvd where animated bugs act out the story of Moses)

What awesome, talented girls!!!!


teresa said...

that was the cutest thing ever! :) Thanks for sharing and making my morning!

amy greenway said...

I'm sure our girlies are bound to be discovered at any moment. Talent just doesn't come that naturally very often!

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