Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Photo Friday--Bedtime Reading, Part Two

In connection with this post, Harmony asked about Heather's bedtime reading.

I aim to please:

The downstairs book basket, from which bedtime selections are made.
(I rotate these from time to time, though some never leave the basket.)

Curious George is the undisputed leader in the battle for both Heather's and Eric's affections.  I can't tell you how helpful Curious George goes to the Hospital has been on days when we have had to visit the doctor.

The Berenstain Bears are also beloved favorites.

Lately, the lone CareBears book in our collection has been getting quite a bit of play.  

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Harmony said...

Looks like Heather has good taste in books as well. :) I always did love me a good Berenstain Bears book as a kid. Still do. Care Bears though, not so much. Thanks for sharing!

I hope you are getting your blog posts made into hard-bound books. They'll be treasures for you and Heather down the road.

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