Thursday, February 23, 2012


So, for nearly eight months, I had a little task on my "to do" list.  I would see it there, and push it to the end of the list.  A week or two later, it would crop back up on the top of the list, and I'd push it down again.  But, finally, I decided enough was enough, and I bit the bullet and got out our 72-hour kits.

The plan is that I go through these every year, especially now that we have Heather, whose needs seem to change every three or four months.  The reality is that I hadn't gone through these since Heather was eating rice cereal and wearing onesies most days.  So, we were (way more than eight months over-) due for an update.

Heather and I spent the better part of a day grocery shopping for non-perishable food items, and then just going through the other items that we had packed, rotating out the clothing that no longer fit (that was the case for all three of us, unfortunately), and rotating in clothing that would be more comfortable in the case of an emergency.  Heather got her own kit this time around, for the first time ever.  She was quite pleased with her little backpack.  I asked her to put it on a few times, to assure myself that I hadn't packed it too full, that it would be something that she would be able to carry around for a little while if necessary.



She loved it.

She loved it so much in fact, that nearly every day since, she has asked me with a longing sort of hope in her voice, "Mom, is today an emergency?"

I take comfort in the fact that if we do find ourselves in an emergency, at least Heather will have the satisfaction and joy of being able to carry around her emergency backpack.

Funny kid.



For those who are interested, here is a basic rundown in what we have in our 72-hour kits.  Mine and Eric's are housed in medium-sized duffle bags, Heathers is (obviously) housed in a small back-pack.  


Day 1            Breakfast        1 granola bar
                                    1 fruit roll
                                    1 hot cocoa
                 Lunch              1 beef jerky
                                    1 box raisins
                                    1 cider drink

             Dinner             1 pkg crackers
                                    1 pudding
            Snack              3 pieces candy
                                    3 pieces gum
Day 2
            Breakfast        1 granola bar
                                    1 hot cocoa

            Lunch              1 beef jerky
                                    1 box raisins
                                    1 cider drink

            Dinner             1 pkg goldfish
                                    1 pkg soup
                                    1 beef jerky

            Snack              3 pieces candy
                                    3 sticks gum
 Day 3
            Breakfast        1 pkg oatmeal
                                    1 hot cocoa

            Lunch              1 pkg soup
                                    1 pkg goldfish
                                    1 beef jerky

            Dinner             1 granola bar
                                    1 fruit roll
            Snack              5 pieces candy
                                    4 sticks gum
(1 cup and spoon included)
Supposedly these will all keep for 6 years.  

As for the other items, we follow fairly close to this list.


Bamamoma said...

I still have Phil's emergency backpack. That means ours are very outdated as well. We bought backpacks with wheels for ours so that we could carry or drag as the case dictated ("the case" of course meaning our state of wimpiness).

Thanks for the reminder to get ours updated.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Ours only has clothing for Spencer, and there is no way it would fit him now. We had a family home evening and talked about updating them :) So I guess that is one step closer :)

Harmony said...

I like the suggestion I heard to update/rotate every General Conference weekend. I haven't done this as often as I should, but the kids love eating the "old" snacks while they watch General Conference, and summer and winter clothes get switched out at appropriate times. :-)

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