Friday, February 03, 2012

(not-so) Random Photo Friday--meal plan edition

A few of you (mainly sisters-in-law)(and yes, Robert, there was more than one person thank you very much) were impressed by my two week meal plan that I mentioned in the previous post.

So, as much as I'd like to have you all believe that I am an amazing dinner-maker as well as a pretty good mom, I thought we might need a little dose of reality around these parts.


quirky 2-11

The top note (a 4x6 card) is the 2 week meal plan.  It includes the following:

  • Freezer meals every Monday and Wednesday (two of the three days per week that I work at the office instead of from home)
  • New recipes I've never tried (usually) on Tuesdays
  • Recipes that have earned their place in the recipe binder of joy (usually) on Thursdays & Fridays
  • Leftovers on Saturdays
  • Random recipes (usually new ones, unless we are having company over, which only happens about three or four times a year) on Sundays
The bottom note is a listing of all the perishable items that we have.  I keep it in the kitchen as a reminder to myself that we have lots of good food that I don't want to spoil.  As we eat it up (or it spoils), I cross it off the list.

Extra Info #1:  This list will probably last me three or four weeks.  That's because we will inevitably have other options for dinner, and those options will push these options down the list.  For example, Monday, instead of having a freezer meal, we had dinner and FHE at Heidi and Eden's.  Then, yesterday, instead of having Hamburger Macaroni Soup, we had a "fend-for-yourself night", primarily because we met Eric and Grandpa Cantwell for lunch earlier in the day, and ate so much that we were too full for a real meal that night.  (Heather had Mac & Cheese, I had a spinach/peach/strawberry smoothie.  Eric had steamed spinach.)

Extra Info #2:  For those of you who can't read my writing (which includes me, at times), here's a little translation:

  • Monday #1 & 2= freezer
  • Tuesday #1-Greek Isle Pizza (This was a new recipe.  I made it and gave it thumbs up, especially on day two.  Eric's vote was a tepid sideways thumb, and Heather was a definite thumbs down.  This recipe did not make it into the binder of recipe joy.)
  • Tuesday #2--Hamburger Macaroni Soup.  (Haven't had this yet)
  • Wednesday #1&2-freezer
  • Thursday #1--Brussels Sprout Delight, Fish Marinated in Olive Oil  (These are two old favorites.  We had them and loved them.) 
  • Thursday #2--Kung Pao Chicken, Edamame  (I'll probably switch out the edamame, which is frozen, for roasted broccoli, which is fresh and needs to be eaten.)
  • Friday #1--Broccoli Apple Salad (a new recipe, and a bust.  Didn't make it into the binder of joy), Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes (a new recipe--didn't end up trying it yet.  We'll see.)
  • Friday #2--Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups--(an old favorite)
  • Saturday #1 &2 --leftovers
  • Sunday #1--Pineapple Chicken (new recipe-haven't made it yet)(Last Sunday we had leftover Indian Food that I had purchased at a birthday party the previous night.)
  • Sunday #2--Potato & Bacon Fritata (new recipe--haven't made it yet--I often like to have breakfast foods for Sunday dinner)

And there you have it.  Feeling better about yourself now?  I thought so.



Robert said...

So many thoughts come to mind while reading over this last post. But the main feeling I have is relief. Because, I know that there is absolutely no chance that ShaLiece would be willing to submit herself to the whining and complaining that she would have to endure if she presented a similar menu to our family. And the kids might even complain a little bit too.

Brussels Sprout Delight!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? There has never been a more oxymoronic name for a meal and I'm not going to even touch the "spinach/peach/strawberry smoothie" comment.

Jake said...

He beat me to it. That smoothie sounds like something Jimmy Kimmel would suggest as a treat.

Charlotte said...

Actually, adding spinach to smoothies is a new thing for me. This was only the second time I've done it. I can't taste the difference, but I have to admit, I sometimes close my eyes when I'm drinking it, 'cuz adding green spinach to red strawberries and orange peaches makes a pretty unsettling color combination.

Eric actually LIKES the Brussels Sprouts Delight. (They're chopped up, sauteed in olive oil, and mixed with craisins and walnuts though, so it's not like there's no fat or sugar in there.)

Of course . . . Eric's favorite dessert is carrot juice, so I suppose that's not exactly a ringing endorsement

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I think the color of the smoothie would be to much for me. Even though I tell the kids all the time that it doesn't matter what it looks like they should just try it. Call me a hypocrite. I was inspired by you and actually did pull out 4 new recipies from the "I should try these one day" folder. 1 flopped but the other 3 were pretty good. And it only took 3 weeks to try them all :)

Charlotte said...

It occurs to me Robert, that the dinner negotiations might be a little different in your house, because you CAN and DO (as far as I know) cook. If Eric is going to complain, he doesn't really have a leg to stand on, seeing as how his specialties include tomato soup with string cheese mixed in, and ramen with an egg mixed in.

To be clear though--there are definitely nights when I have made something, everyone has tried it, and then Eric has broken out the tomato soup, Heather has pled for (and received) a PBJ, and I alone have eaten what was "on the menu".

Harmony said...

I feel (slightly) better about myself. But I still hate the feeling I get when I put time and effort into fixing a meal that one or usually more family members then turns their noses up at. I'll admit there have been a few days lately when I've wanted to go on strike just outside the kitchen to see who crosses my picket line and what they end up feeding my family. :-)

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