Monday, February 13, 2012

Hopping Back on the Wagon--Part One of Two

So, this year I decided a few things about my New Years' Resolutions.
  1. I decided that I would write them down here.
  2. I decided that I would wait until February to actually set them in stone (or pixels, or dots per inch, or whatever you call text on a computer screen).  I wanted to have the chance to live with them for a bit, to determine whether or not I wanted to commit to them for all of 2012.  

So, it's February now, and I'm ready to commit.  I have two resolutions/goals, and they basically come down to improving both my spiritual health and physical health.

quirky 2-12

First, I'm going to recommit myself to consistent scripture study.  It's funny (but sad) that as Heather has gotten older, my scripture study has gotten proportionately more sporadic.  On the one hand, Heather demands a lot of attention, so I can see why that's happened.  On the other hand though, Heather is not dependent on me for her every need like she was when she was an infant.  So, theoretically, I should be able to find more time for the scriptures, not less.  (And let's be honest--I'm able to find time to check facebook, read and write blogs, and even bop around on pinterest quite regularly.  Are any of those things comparable in importance to scripture study?  I think we know the answer to that.)

I ran this goal by Eric a few weeks ago, and he gave me a brilliant suggestion.  Although I try to read scriptures before Heather is up, the fact is, she is getting up earlier and earlier these days (6:03 this morning, thank you very much), and so that is not always possible.  However, Eric suggested that on those (frequent) days when Heather is awake while I'm reading, I could explain it all to her, tell her that I am reading the scriptures, that it is something very special, and that these are some of my very favorite books.  Then I could invite her to take a few minutes and quietly read some of  her favorite books while I do the same.

So, I tried it, and it worked.  When I'm reading the scriptures, Heather will also read the scriptures, look at her reader, turn the pages of her own small Book of Mormon, look at other books, etc.  Sometimes she wants to talk, but I can usually gently remind her that this is our special scripture time, and that we can talk when that time is over, and she understands and accepts that.  To be honest, I've been pleasantly surprised at how well that's all been turning out.  Here's hoping that it continues along this route for the next eleven months.

This post is about as long as I want to write for now, so I'll save the details on my second goal for another day.  


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Harmony said...

What a great idea! Eric is a wise man. :-)

teresa said...

:) I love that you decided to wait until February to put your goals in writing. I did too. It was nice to live with things for a while first and definitely made a difference in what I finalized. :)

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