Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sledding hills are over-rated

So, in addition to a ring and a kitchen, Heather received a snow saucer for Christmas.

And then, we endured three weeks of unseasonably warm winter weather.  Not a snowflake in sight!

So, when we awoke one Saturday morning to find that there was snow all over the ground, I determined that this would be the day that we would go sledding.

--After we picked up our vegetables (from Bountiful Baskets).
--After we put away all those vegetables and put together a quick meal plan for the next two weeks.
--After we straightened up the house.

We determined that we would go up Logan Canyon for our sledding extravaganza.

Then, I got a little less energetic, and determined that we would go to First Dam (a Logan City park at the mouth of the canyon with several hills) for our sledding activity.

Then, I got even less energetic, and I determined that our backyard common area had plenty of snow, was accessible without a car ride, and had hills that might be steep enough for our Heather.

As it turned out, I was partially right.  There was plenty of snow, it was accessible without a car ride, and as long as I gave Heather a push that had enough "umph" behind it that I ended up planting myself in the snow front-first (which I did on purpose numerous times), Heather was able to sled to her hearts delight.



In all humililty (or let's be honest, in no humility whatsoever), I've gotta say, I'm a pretty good mom.

(Well, as long as you don't count that bit about settling for the back yard in the first place, that is.)



Heather Albee-Scott said...

I think staying right in your area is perfect and really, kids don't care about where it is, they just want to do the activity with you! Looks like she had a blast!

ShaLiece said...

Yea for snow and fun with mommy! My kids are STILL hoping for it down here!
Also...I want your meal plans that you just made for the next 2 weeks! (I'm serious:) I'll share mine from the past 2 weeks with you in exchange. I'm trying to plan ahead so we eat better and I have less to think about at 4:00 each evening, and would love some ideas...if you don't mind, that is? You know my email.

Robert said...

Judging by your past recipe posts over the years I'm not sure I'm a big supporter of you sending ShaLiece your menu. Maybe you should just send it to me first then I'll send on those meals that I think would be acceptable to my very refined taste buds.

Charlotte said...

Oh--you'll love it! Eggplant burgers, mole, and flan ALL WEEK LONG!!! Wa-hoo!

Bamamoma said...

Our hill is ALWAYS available. It has just the right slope for the pre-k set. It has shoveled steps up the side (a plus in my book). The neighbor kids say I'm "the bomb" for letting them sled it. I like being the "bomb."

(apparently they didn't get the memo that the phrase is outdated)

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