Thursday, January 19, 2012

Robot Hero Guardian Archive: File # 112011

So, over Thanksgiving (yes, I'm a little behind on videos), our Robot Hero Guardians did some major work together on their attack and defense plans.  I was able to get this particular plan archived.

You should know that Spencer was rather hesitant to let me film this plan.  However, Eric assured him that he often has me take videos of his robot intelligence and records, so he can keep them in his files.  Once Spencer learned that, he was much more amenable to the idea of sharing it with me.

You should also all know that this video is encrypted in such a way that if you are not 100% human, you will not be able to view it, and will only see blank lines and hear a shrieking fingernails-on-chalkboard-sound that will blow out your eardrums immediately.

So, if you are an enemy robot or dragon, you do not want to click on the "play" button.  

You got me?


Humans, please enjoy.



1 comment:

Mom C said...

Well, I was a little nervous, for a while all I got was nothing. Not even blank lines and scratching noises, just black. Does that make me 1/4 alien? Mostly I am harmless, not a threat to mankind and unable to penetrate Agent Spencer and Agent Eric's defenses. They are serious protectors!

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