Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Photo Friday--devotion and drawings

This is how Eric and Heather pass the time during the vast majority of Sacrament Meeting these days:

Dog by Eric, spiky punk dog hair by Heather.  

To be honest, I love it.  I get uninterrupted listening time and I get to watch fascinating creations in progress, while Heather is quietly and happily entertained.  I think Eric enjoys it as well.  Win-win-win!

Last week Eric drew an adorable giraffe, complete with spots and those little horn thingies they have on their head.  Unfortunately, before the meeting ended a bunch of invisible "bad guys" came out and Heather was forced to hide both the giraffe and a pig behind a wall of brown crayon scribbles.  It was hard to me to see that happen, but when it comes to bad guys, we all know that no sacrifice is too great.


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