Wednesday, January 04, 2012

chestnut, walnut, or ebony?

To get the full effect of these, it will be helpful to know that when I was a little girl, I thought my mom had black hair.  As it turned out, (and as I learned when I saw her standing next to my Aunt Rebecca, who had/has much darker hair) my mom had really dark brown hair, until a few years ago (maybe more than a few), when it got to be salt and peppery.  

something along these lines maybe (my mom is the "mom", in case you can't tell). (oh-and don't judge our outfits or our hair styles--it was the 1970s)

Yesterday, as Heather and I were taking Eden home (after their first friend sleep-over ever!), we started playing "I spy", to make the ride go faster.  We took turns spying trees and cars and signs and car seats and coats, and various other items.

Then, this little exchange happened:

Eden:  I spy something dark brown
Me:  My hair?
Eden (incredulously, as if I'd just said something very ridiculous):  No!  Not that dark of brown!

(It was my purse that she'd spied.)

Immediately after Eden's turn, it is my turn to choose something to spy.  

Me:  I spy something black.
Heather (quickly and excitedly):  Your hair?!?

(It was Eden's overnight bag that I'd spied.)

* * *

Too bad I don't have a little sister with really really dark brown/black hair that I can stand next to.

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