Thursday, January 26, 2012

Being a Mom is the Bomb

(I never used that phrase when it was popular, so I'm using it now?  What's that all about?)

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Saying "Punch it Chewy!" to Heather as we're making a quick right or left turn onto a busy street.  (gotta love that automatic transmission!)


Wrapping Heather up in a big fluffy towel after bathtime, holding her on my lap, and rubbing her all over to help her warm up.


Dancing.  Dancing as we clean the house, dancing to get wiggles out in the evening, dancing (chair dancing) in restaurants and dancing (in deserted aisles) in grocery stores.  I used to dream about dancing with my kids long long long before I had any hope of kids.  The reality is everything that I imagined and more.


Putting my cold hands on Heather's neck or tummy after I've been out in the cold and saying, Niceandwaaaarm! as she squirms and resists me.  Nothing like a good old-fashioned teasing now than then, huh?


Playing you-sing-one-word-I'll-sing-the-next games with Heather as we're running errands in the car.  Our current personal favorite is "Christmas Bells".


Cuddling on Heather's bed at the end of the day, singing the requisite two songs, followed by the nightly negotiation for "just one more, mom, please?"


The way Heather will come up to me sometimes and say, "You're such a good mom to me."
Does it get any better?


 I think not.


1 comment:

Bamamoma said...


I do the cold hands thing too. Love it!

You are such a good mom to her! She is right.

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