Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Uno mas Robot Hero Guardian

Eric's Laptop, Black Friday, 2011

It looks like it might only be a matter of time before Nader (Given name "Kristian", elongated to "Kristian-ater", then shortened to "Nader") joins Spencer and Eric, entering the ranks as a Robot Hero Guardian in training.



Speaking of Nader, he is single-handedly responsible for me playing about one-thousand games of Uno over the Thanksgiving break.  We played seven-card Uno, five-card Uno, one-card Uno, Stack Attack Uno, and one or two other variations that I didn't really catch.  I enjoyed it most of the time, and I always enjoyed watching him sneak over to grandma's cards, hide them behind his back, and casually saunter over to me anytime I was not actively engaged in something else to ask if I'd be interested in a game.  Word on the street is that his own set of Uno cards will be on the way to him soon, via the North Pole.  

(Admit it--that title is brilliant wordsmithing, no?  I'm amazing!)



Jake said...

the uno kick hasn't stopped yet. He asks me to play every day I get home from work.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

And i played 10 games yesterday while feeding Jocelyn and waiting for dad to get home. Good thing we moms can multitask. These pictures are adorable and Spencer has been working on a book for he and Uncle Eric to keep track of all the dragons they catch.

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