Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Photo--Retirement PSYCHE! edition

On our way home from cutting down our Christmas Tree, we stopped in Parowan, where my dad showed us his new office.

The sign was waffling in the wind a bit.

"But wait!"  I hear you saying, "Didn't your father retire about six or seven months ago?"

Well, kind of.

As it turned out, around the time that my dad was retiring, there was a clinic in Parowan (a small community about 25 minutes north of Cedar City which happens to be the town in which my dad's mother was raised) that found itself doctor-less.  If they didn't get a doctor, the clinic would have to close, leaving the rest of the staff unemployed, and the city under-served doctor-wise.

So, after a bit of cajoling, my dad spent two weeks after his retirement lazing around, doing whatever he wanted, and then he started back to work.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  It's basically a part-time job.  He works three days a week, something like four or five hours a day.  So, not a bad gig, overall.


My favorite part of this story took place last July.  I was at the Corry Reunion, and I overheard my mom explaining the whole situation to one of my dad's cousins.  As she told him the string of occurrences, and got to the point where she explained the two week retirement followed by the job, the cousin (whose name happens to be Corry) stated oh so succinctly, and oh so accurately,

"You know, most people consider that a vacation, rather than a retirement." 


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