Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Frozen Over

Just to be clear--no one paid me or gave me any kind of incentive to write this post.

quirky 12-11

I joined a gym this week.

You are now reading the blog of one of the newest members of Planet Fitness.

"But wait!" I can hear you asking, "I thought you couldn't stand the gym!"  "I thought you were an outside exerciser, one who was too cheap to pay gym fees, and one who didn't like the 'being checked out' feel of the gym."  "What about all of that, Charlotte?"

To which, I give the following explanations:

  • Winter has come to Cache Valley.  As I learned last year (painfully), winter is a time when the roads and sidewalks around my home often feature a little invisible devil called black ice.  I fell last winter no less than four different times, one of them while I was crossing a busy street, surrounded by cars that may or may not have been able to stop in time to avoid running me over if I hadn't been able to scramble/crawl to safety.  (My mom isn't going to be happy when she reads this.  Neither will Eric's mom, come to that.)
  • Last year, (after the four ice disasters) I took to doing staircase workouts or living room yoga workouts on icy days.  However, this year, her little highness has taken to waking up and hunting us out as soon as she hears anyone stirring in the house.  This makes it very difficult to get a morning workout in, and so far, "exercise time" on those days has been quickly reduced to "converse with (which really means 'listen and explain to') Heather time".  
  • Additionally, last week we got a coupon in the mail, offering a full year of membership at Planet Fitness for $99 total (plus tax), as long as it was paid in advance.  No monthly fee, no sign-up fee, limited access to a personal trainer for no additional fee.  That works out to $8.33 per month, which I consider a small price to pay, when you figure I'll be avoiding more ice-slips, and be able to exercise without the constant "Why's?" of my precious princess who I love more than life itself.  
  • And finally, Planet Fitness bills itself as a "Judgement Free Zone".  At first I scoffed at that, but now that I've had a bit of experience there, I must say, it's a very comfortable place to be.  I've seen a pretty equal amount of all body types and age ranges there, from people who are practically kids to people that are probably great-grandparents; and people who have bodies that I dream of having, to people who might dream about having a body like mine.  In short, I don't feel like people are checking me out, or well, at the risk of using the cliche, judging me.  I like it.  
  • Also, this particular gym is probably about a half-mile from my house.  Bonus!
And there you have it.  I never thought I'd do it, I never thought I'd say it.  The older I get, the more often that has been happening.  Next thing you know, I'll own an i-phone, and be tweeting my every move to everyone I know.  

(Naaaah, that couldn't possibly happen.)



photo courtesy of ario


Tasha Seegmiller said...

Congrats. It won't be long now until you, like me, become addicted. YAY!!!

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

shoot $99, I'd join a gym for that and I only go to gyms for sports.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

dang that Melissa, she's always signed in on this computer.

Charlotte said...

Well, you wouldn't be able to do many sports there. It's basically a big workout room with cardio machines, weights, and about 10 televisions that you can plug your headphones in to watch. No racquetball court, basketball court, yoga classes ('cuz I KNOW you'd want that!), or anything along those lines.

Still--with my coordination, what do I need a sports court for?


Bamamoma said...

funny. I just gave up my membership at a gym. Sometimes our parallel worlds are a little more trapezoid-esque. :)


kaylee corry said...

uncle jacob, you know you can change your "name" from Melissa @ Happy Quilting to yours if you just click name/URL...

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