Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eric beats Santa in popularity, and the Kitchen Caper

I've been playing.  Christmas was great, the after-Christmas trip to Cedar was great, coming home has been great.  Starting back to work on Monday is sure to be great.

(Okay--now I'm just getting delusional.  One can hope though, right?)

I have a few future blog posts bopping around in my head, but today is not the day that they will make it here.  Hopefully soon.  In the meantime, here are two funnies from the past few days.

* * *

On December 23rd, I found this on my facebook wall, posted by my brother Jacob (father to Spencer, of Robo Hero Guardian fame):

(You will of course remember from a previous post that Nader is Spencer's little brother, won't you now?)

  • My conversation this morning at breakfast
    Me: Nader, guess who's coming in two more days?
    Spencer: Uncle Eric?!?

Sadly, Jacob had to inform Spencer that it was just Santa Claus that would be coming in two more days.  Uncle Eric wouldn't be arriving for three and a half.

* * *

Towards the first part of November, after watching Heather beeline it to the toy kitchens at Eden's house, Becca's house, and the Sperry's house (where Eric home teaches), Eric and I determined that we'd all be well served to purchase a play kitchen for Heather this year.  I eventually determined that it should be a nice one, one with a little substance, one that wouldn't look too tacky in our living room, one that wouldn't break within the first year.  One that wasn't plastic.  So, Eric did a lot of research on-line, looking for one that would satisfy me, and my (semi-unrealistic) price range.  We found one we liked.  This one, in fact:

Unfortunately, we couldn't find one that wasn't on post-Christmas delivery backorder.  We looked everywhere on-line and in bricks and mortar stores, all with no luck.  Then, I happened upon a lovely little on-line store called Jacob's Room.  They had the kitchen listed as being in stock, for a killer price, and I liked the idea of the store (it's basically a family memorial to a child who died much too soon.)  We purchased the kitchen, and hoped for the best.  Two hours later I got a phone call, and a real live person speaking perfect American English left a message that our kitchen was on back-order (shocker!) and wouldn't be delivered before Christmas.  However, she stated, the manufacturing company was offering a different kitchen, same color, bigger, with a bar and stools, listed at $50 more than the one that we wanted, and they would charge us our original price, and ship it the first week in December.  It was our choice, we could either get a refund, stay with our original purchase and receive it in January, or get this new bigger kitchen.

We chose the bigger one.

About a week into December, we got an e-mail from the same woman at Jacobs Room.  She told us that the manufacturer had found that they would in fact, be able to ship our original kitchen if we still wanted it, and asked us which kitchen we would like.  We chose the original (for space reasons).  It shipped out, and we received it, in a long box, a few days later.


Christmas Eve came.  We spent the morning in the canyon (more on that another day), the afternoon and evening with aunts and uncles, and put Heather to bed at 8:00.  I puttered around, filling stockings and setting out Santa gifts, while Eric prepared to start the kitchen construction.  (Which really means that Eric took a nap.  In retrospect, I'm soooo glad he did!).  Almost as an afterthought, I threw a pink plastic ring in Heather's stocking.

Around 9:00, Eric started work on the kitchen assembly.  At 11:30, I asked him if he wanted some help.  He had me screw in some handles here and there, and hold a door or two.  At midnight, as I was propping my eyes open, not wanting to withdraw my moral support, he told me I could go to bed.  At 2:00 a.m., Eric stumbled into bed, the gleaming awesome kitchen downstairs and ready for Christmas joy.

Christmas morning was the best we've ever had.  There were screams of delight and joy and happiness as fabulous gifts were opened and opened and opened.  And then we all gussied into our Sunday clothes and went to church.  At church, Heather was asked multiple times by multiple people what Santa brought her.  In every case, her answer was resounding, proud, and thrilled, as she told person after person what her favorite (and only remembered) Santa gift had been.

"A ring!"

Poor Eric.  

Don't feel too bad for us though.  The ring might be what Heather reports, but the kitchen is getting plenty of use.  In fact, mere minutes ago, as I was putting Heather down for her nap, she informed me that I can look forward to a dinner of steak and pancakes as soon as she wakes up and gets back in that kitchen.  

quirky 12-11

I can hardly wait.  



Bamamoma said...

well, you must know that the new kitchen was a partial determining factor in where Eden wanted to have a sleepover on Monday. :) Yay for a new kitchen!!!! (and the ring).

Jeri said...

my mom still tells a story of when I was 3'ish and when I went to church the answer I gave to the "what did you get for Christmas" was not the doll, stoller, or cradle... it was

"a box of Cheerios!!!"

(a family tradition, we would each get our very OWN box of cereal in our stocking)

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