Friday, November 18, 2011

three for the price of one

It's the third annual random video week here in quirksville!

In preparation for this week, a few days ago I asked fellow facebookers for their favorite videos of awesomeness.  I got three absolute winners, and one that's a winner, but that I can't feel good about posting here, because it just feels too mean.  (but funny--oh, so funny.)

Here are the three:

The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Challenge Highlight Reel:
If you (like Tasha) are squeamish about seeing kids crying at the thought of their heartless parents eating all their candy, skip to the last minute of the video (around 2:45, to be exact).  There are two kids there with personality plus and no tears.  Pure awesomeness.

Kid History-Episode #3
"Kid History" comes highly recommended.  If you aren't familiar with this series (I wasn't), it's a couple of brothers who get their kids to tell stories of things that have happened in their family.  Then, the parents (brothers) act out the story, mouthing the words that the kids say.  It is hilarious.  My favorite part of this one happens to be the hot dog guy, and the screaming deals he runs, although the "uno, dos, tres, four" is a close second.  (Kaylee likes episodes 5 & 6, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Spanish, and so episode #3 is my #1 pick.)

(True confessions time, I first heard about "Kid History" several months ago, but, thinking that it was a bunch of kids telling stories from American or World History, I determined it would be too dry for me.)(Sorry, Heidi.)

Guy on a Buffalo, episode #2
I honestly don't know what to think about this guy.  Is he for real?  I mean, not all of it, of course, but that cougar attack looks pretty real to me.  Who does that for a YouTube video?  Fascinating.  Fascinating and totally quirky.  You see why I had to include it, don't you.

*Update*  He's not for real.  Still pretty awesome though.  Click here for an explanation.

And, in case you just can't stand not knowing what the other one is, click here, and then here.  And then you'll know.

See y'all tomorrow!



Bamamoma said...

Episode 3 is also my favorite. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hot dogs. I am glad the Kaylee opened your mind where I could not. :)

Harmony said...

I'm glad you told us to skip to the end of the Halloween candy clip. I'd never gotten that far before, but it was worth it. Guess I'm a little squeamish too. :-)

The Kid History videos are great. Thanks for the introduction. Surfing from those I found another funny one called "A Missionary's Prayer":

Charlotte said...

Classic Harmony. Thanks!

Kaylee C said...

favorite part: "DON'T HIT ME IN THE FACE WITH A BIKE!"I think its so cool that in this one its an actual story about how one of the men went on his mission to mexico.

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