Wednesday, November 16, 2011

there are no squibs

Fact #1:  Last May, in response to a post I wrote about Orson Scott Card, A faithful reader name Nate told me about a little site called (which happens to be Mr. Card's website, where he reviews everything, among other attractions on the site).

Fact #2:  Last July, Mr. Card wrote this, regarding the final installment of the Harry Potter movies:

 . . . it may be that the truest, most powerful review of this movie and the whole series is in a spoof made by some college students at Brigham Young University.

These college kids are the generation that grew up with the Harry Potter books and movies. Back when Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone -- er, pardon me, Sorcerer's Stone -- was turning non-readers into readers, they embraced the book, tried out their wands in darkened rooms, dreamed of the letter from Hogwart's that never came.

So on the occasion of the final movie's release, Whitney Call wrote new lyrics to Katy Perry's "Firework" and got her friends together to show all those magical yearnings that Harry Potter created -- but reality and growing up dashed.

It's so nostalgic and bittersweet that even as I laughed, I wanted to cry. It teases us about our Harry Potter obsession, but also expresses our feelings about stories that we love. It's more than a mere parody, it's a great piece of fervent literary criticism.

Fact #3:  I went to check out the video, at Mr. Card's invitation.

Fact #4:  I agree 100% with Orson Scott Card.  Both hilarious and nostalgic, this might be my very favorite of the week.  


(My favorite part?  1:05)



Jake said...

Watched this with Spencer a few months ago. He loved it.

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

My favorite part is the "Shut Up Lupin" It just cracks me up :)

Mom C said...

I like the owl segment. What fun.

Harmony said...

My kids and I like this one too. And it's much better than the original--although I think it can't be too hard to improve on Katy Perry!

Kaylee C said...

HAHHAA this is the best thing EVER!!!

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