Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Picture Post-bygones edition

Remember how I used to be a runner?


This is a shot of the 3-A girls lining up to start the Utah State Cross-Country competition last month.  One of those girls on the left hand side in the gold and maroon is my niece, Kaylee.  Kaylee is the reason that I was even at the competition and was able to take this picture.

As the girls were lining up, I felt the anticipation in the air.  As exciting as it all was, and as happy as I was that Kaylee was having the opportunity to do it, I have to admit that the overwhelming feeling that I had was one of relief, absolute relief that I will never ever ever ever again have to experience the nervous tension of stepping on the starting line of a State Cross-Country meet.

(It's kind of like how I feel about serving as a Mormon Missionary.  Soooo glad I did it.  Sooo glad I don't have to do it again.)


1 comment:

Bamamoma said...

1. HOW can Kaylee be old enough to be in that picture?

2. I so get it. Been there, done that, glad I did, never want to do it again. :)

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