Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon--a little late, and a little sheepishly

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So, you know how there are all these people on facebook and on their blogs and in general life who are taking the opportunity to share what they're grateful for this month?

Many of you won't say it, (or don't feel this way), but I will (and I do.)  Not the most interesting reading I've ever done.

However, as has been established, I've definitely seen the power for good that a little gratitude can do in a life.

So, purely for my own benefit, I'm starting my own thankful-in-November list.

But wait!  Rather than subjecting you to a day-by-day account of my gratitude, I think I'll just list it all here, day by day, in this post.  So, if you want to read it, you'll need to scroll down to check.  If you don't, you need not do a thing. Once the month is over, I'll change the date to November 30, 'cause it will drive me crazy if I don't.

And now, without further ado, here is:

 Charlotte's list of fabulous blessings as of November, 2011

November 1:  I'm grateful for the million-and-one recipes that are on the internet.  And, I'm grateful for Google, so it doesn't take me hours and hours to sift through them.  (Seriously, do any of you remember the beginning days of the internet?  Search engines have come a loooooong way, baby.)

November 2:  I'm grateful for blue jeans.  So comfortable.  So sturdy!

November 3:  I'm grateful to live in an age of glasses, contacts, lasik eye surgery, insulin pumps, and relatively pain-free dental work.  Honestly, I don't know how I would have survived in a pre-Novocaine world.  Tooth pain is the worst.

November 4:  Along those same lines of "I'd never have made it in the olden days", I'm glad I live in an age of recorded music.  I mean, just think of all we would have missed out if we had lived in the Renassaince, during that time where only people who could afford court musicians could have music.  Blessings, blessings.

November 5:  I'm grateful to be where I am with Eric.  Physically of course, but also emotionally, spiritually, and in a "we're on the same page, and we understand where the other one is coming from" sense.  We've always had each other's backs, but lately, it seems like we know better how best we can cover those backs, and we're both pretty willing to make personal sacrifices to do so.  It's a great place to be.

November 6:  You might have  to be an LDS Primary veteran to really appreciate this, but I'm grateful for those days when all those Senior Primary boys are attentive, or at least easy to settle down, making it so I can teach them a song or a principal, or bear my testimony, and it goes well, and we all learn together.  Those are golden golden days, and today was one of them.  :)

November 7:  I'm grateful that my life is such that if I feel crappy (like run-down and with a cold) I can go to bed at 8:00 if I want. What luxury!

November 8:  I'm grateful that when I do go to bed at 8:00, I wake up the next morning feeling like a whole new woman.  A woman who needs to carry tissues and cough drops with her at all times, but a new woman nonetheless.

November 9:  I've written this here before, but it bears repeating.  I'm so grateful for my job.  I work with great people, I do interesting work, and my situation there has changed to meet my needs every step of my journey from (stay with me here) almost-finished-grad student, to single-girl-who-wants-to-be-able-to-see-the-world-and-her-family, to married-mother-who-needs-to-provide-insurance-for-the-family-and-still-see-her-child-for-more-than-three-hours-a-day.  Honestly, this job is a miracle for me and for my family, and I'm blessed to have it.

November 10: I'm grateful that some mornings, my alarm clock, rather than being a pleasant but boring ring on my cell phone, is the tap (sometimes a semi-forceful whack!) of a little hand, followed by an excited, "Good Morning, Mom!"   Definitely a nice way to start the day.

November 11:  I'm grateful for my office space heater.  Enough said.

November 12:  Today I drove too and from Salt Lake City.  During the time that I was in Salt Lake, Logan had kind of a biggish storm.  Luckily, I beat the storm going down, and it had been cleared out by the time I came back, giving me smooth sailing in Wellsville Canyon both ways.  Soo grateful for that.

November 13:  I'm grateful that if something cold and icy, and heavy to shovel must fall from the sky each year for about 5 months in order for us to have sufficient water to make it through the other 7, that the stuff that falls has the magical capability to make everything it touches look breathtakingly clean and beautiful.

November 14: This morning, we had a few extra minutes before we had to do the mad dash out the door to start the craziness that is Monday.  Heather wanted to snuggle, so we did.  A little slice of Heaven.  Naturally, a little slice of Heaven is always something for which to be grateful.

November 15:  I'm grateful that when I was eleven years old and jealous of my girlfriends who were learning how to knit, my mom taught me how to crochet.

November 16:  I'm grateful for my Eric.  That he was born, that he found me, that he loves me.

November 17:  I adore being a mother.  That's probably in large part because I adore my little girl.  Seriously, if I had known how much I would love her, I would have been soooo much more distraught about  it all back when I was in those waiting years.  So, in addition to being grateful for Heather, I guess I'm pretty grateful that back then, I didn't know just how much I would love her.

November 18:  I'm grateful for a smallish house--one that I can get close-enough-to-presentable in about an hour, if I need to.

November 19:  I'm grateful for the hundreds of volunteers that work so hard at Bountiful Baskets.  I'm tempted to say that our participation in that organization has been life changing.  That might be going too far, but it has certainly drastically changed the way we eat around here--for the better.

November 20:  I'm grateful for the normalcy and unchanging-ness of Sunday.  I'm glad to know that every time Sunday rolls around, I'll be putting on a dress, giving Heather a little bit fancier-than-usual hair style, and that we'll all be going to church.  I'm grateful that there's one day a week where we don't spend any money.  I'm grateful to be able to take the sacrament, and spend three consecutive hours learning about Christ, thinking about Christ, and feeling more closely aligned with Christ.

November 21:  I'm grateful for answered prayers, and the courage and patience to wait in the meantime.

November 22:  I'm grateful for nieces and nephews.  Specifically, I'm grateful for thirty-two of the kindest, most humorous, cutest, grandest kids that have ever come to this fine earth.  And, I'm grateful that they put up with me & my quirks, and especially Eric and his quirks.  (Truth be told, I have a sneaking suspicion that many of them love Eric even more than they love me.  Blasphemy!)

November 23:  I'm grateful for Picasa and the blogger over at Clover Lane who taught me, nearly a year ago, how to put together my own blog header, using my own pictures.  It's been a year of fun for me, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

November 24:  I'm grateful that, after 7 (or possibly more, I didn't really keep track) or more years of living in obscure and well-known cities all over the country, my brother Jacob and his family have finally settled in Cedar City, right where they belong.  I'm also grateful that my brother Robert and his family have settled in Cedar City.  I'm also grateful that although I didn't follow the trend, nearly every one of my siblings married people from Cedar City, meaning that if they are visiting their in-laws, they are in the same town as my parents.  One stop holiday visiting, a big old Corry party a couple of times a year.  Soooooo convenient.  (And awesome.  And delightful.)

November 25:  I'm grateful for all of you that come here from time to time.  Not to play favorites or anything, but I'm especially grateful for those of you who humor me by snapping stone lions pictures throughout the world.

November 26:  I'm grateful for the mountains of Utah.  Particularly the mountains of Southern Utah, since they feel like "home" to me, but really, I think most who have seen them will agree, all the Utah mountains are quite spectacular.

November 27:  This one is too long for this little list.  Go here.

November 28:  I'm grateful for my father-in-law.  He comes through in the crunch time and time again.  He does it without complaint, and then thanks us for giving him something to do.  He's a salt of the earth guy, and I am blessed blessed to have him.

November 29:  I'm grateful for the Musical Annie.  Specifically, I'm grateful that Heather will watch it from beginning to end when I really need a break.

November 30:  I'm grateful to and for the people who inspired me to make this list.


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Mom C said...

Glad you can find joy in having a cold!

Kaylee C said...

I am grateful for toilets. where would we be without those beautiful white thrones... :)

Harmony said...

You are good at being grateful! I like the 6th and the 13th too, so far.

Mom C said...

And a belated happy birthday to you Eric. We're glad you're in the family too.

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