Monday, November 14, 2011

I know you've all been waiting for it . . .

It's the third annual random video week here in quirksville!

(And boy or boy, have I got some good ones lined up for you this year!)


Of course I love the music (It's a peppy tune after all)(also, Eric says it sounds like 80s music, and I still have a love affair with 80s music.  Don't judge-), but what I love very most is all the people dancing.  People in their living rooms, people in the snow, one Dwight-like guy in furniture store, a guy being superman in his kitchen, random kids all over the place.  Love it.  

I can hardly watch it without dancing myself.  Okay, I can't watch it without dancing myself.  I've tried.  To be painfully honest, in preparation for random video week, a few days ago I set up the tripod and took a video of Heather and I dancing around to this song, a la these guys.  (We do it about every other week or so--but never with the camera before)(or again.)

You won't be seeing that video.  Actually, my plan is that no one will ever see that video.  After looking over it, I am absolutely floored at the difference between the grooving Charlotte in my head and the grooving Charlotte that's out there for anyone to see.  Alas.  

I haven't deleted it yet, because if I were to be hit by a bus this year, there might come a time that Heather will treasure a video of her mom acting like a complete uncoordinated fool while dancing with her little girl.  But, barring that kind of situation, that video will never see the light of day.  

But enough of that.  

For those of you who are interested, my favorite parts of this little piece of perfection are found at:
1:04, 2:03  (actually, I think this guy is my favorite of the whole bunch), 2:32, and 3:06.


(What are your favorite parts?  Hmmmmm?)


Kaylee C said...

hahahaha I like the kid with glasses at 2:45

Harmony said...

I like the girl in the snow, mostly for choosing to dance in the beautiful, snowy scenery. :-)

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