Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gratitude MY EYE!

Remember how grateful I was for getting home safely on Sunday?

Well, I still am.


In the less-than-48-hour-time-period-since-we've arrived home, we've had stomach flu, (All three of us.  Eric is still down for the count (but improving), I am inching (well, probably more like "yard-ing") my way back to health.  Naturally, Heather is fully recovered and full of energy.) The handle of our kitchen faucet broke off (but at least I can still turn the water off and on using Eric's trusty needle-nose pliers), and, as I was using my last bit of strength to heave a load of laundry in the machine (I'm always amazed at how fast the flu can make it pile up), the knob on the washing machine broke off.  (fortunately, I can jerry-rig that for now as well.)  

I'd complain about the car being in the shop, but really none of us are driving anywhere, so the one car we have is more than enough for our needs.  

I'd cry if I wasn't laughing so hard at the 'what-are-the-chances' of it all.  

(Plus, my pioneer ancestors are reading this (Not really.  I'm sure they have better things to do) and shaking their heads at me.  Faucets and washing machine knobs?  Charlotte, you poor poor baby!)   

Now, if you'll excuse me, Heather wants popcorn for lunch.  Today I'm in no position to argue.  


1 comment:

Mom C said...

I'm sorry you are all sick.
I'm THANKFUL everyone went home before you got sick!!!!!! This is a gratitude post, right?
Dad has it today and is stressing about going to Foot Locker Friday.
I've been racking my brains to figure out what tainted food I served but it was all fresh!!! I promise.
I don't have the flu but I'm doctoring my cold as hard as I can so I can fly without excruciating head pain &/or killer looks from fellow passengers on Friday.
Hope you are feeling more human today.

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