Saturday, November 19, 2011

environmentalists beware

It's the third annual random video week here in quirksville!

Since it is Saturday, I thought we'd have a little cleaning-type video.

So, I present to you, something that has been life-changing around our house.  I'm talking about sparkly dishes, that elusive magic delight that I took for granted all those years, until mysteriously last summer, all my dishes started to get dingy and grey.

In short, here is how we've been combating the recent change in dishwasher detergent formula:


I'm a believer. (You can buy TSP at It's around $4 a box, if I remember right.)

(In case you are wondering, I assuage my guilt about possible TSP pollution by remembering that to get clean dishes prior to this discovery, I was using/wasting three or four times the amount of water that I usually do to pre-wash, pre-soak, and post-wash all our dishes.  Sixes, if you ask me.)



Bamamoma said...

so did the vinegar not work for you? It is magical around here. No residue and clean dishes! No popcorn kernels in the dishwasher though. JSYK LOL

Charlotte said...

Yeah--not so much around here. Weird.

And just so you know, it has been YEARS (like 10+) since I tried to put popcorn kernels in the dishwasher. Give me a little credit! ;-)

Chelsie said...

Trevor, being the gigantic nerd that he is, spent months running trials to see when the best time to add the vinegar to the dishwasher. He found that it has to be added to a rinse cycle. Not at the beginning. So we start the dishwasher, set a timer for one hour, then add a splash of vinegar.

Harmony said...

Thanks for the tip! TSP! Who would've thunk! I've got some of that in my cleaning closet! A few years ago, before we were homeowners, a friend introduced me to TSP as a method for cleaning grime off walls before the landlord came for a cleaning check. I buy mine in Home Depot-type stores in the painting section. I believe it's commonly used to clean walls before repainting. Is is really safe to use on dishes?

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