Monday, October 24, 2011

Well, hello there!

I finally saw Harry Potter this weekend. You all know this of course, having seen it months ago, but that movie is absolutely awesome. Probably my favorite of the year. I cried, I laughed, I felt wistful about the end of an era, and comforted that it ended so well.

Loved this part.

I became completely annoyed with the family of five (two parents, three kids aged two to six) that sat directly in front of us and proceeded to say "What's that Mom?",   "Where's Harry?", "I  need more popcorn!", "I want the ORANGE soda!"  ad nauseum throughout what seemed like every tender or quietly suspenseful scene in the entire movie, but even that couldn't mar the joy for me (particularly after we moved mid-movie to quieter seats).

I've decided to pretend that the family was there for one last family togetherness time before the father is deployed somewhere scary and dangerous.  Not that I would wish that on anyone (it was just a movie after all), but it makes me feel less frustrated with the situation.  And who knows? Maybe there really were extenuating circumstances that, if I were aware of them, would help me to feel more kindly about it all.

* * *

In other news . . .

I know you're dying to know how long I ran this morning.  Well, I'll tell you.

Twenty-five minutes.  Non-stop.  

Oh yeah baby, I'm tearing it up.



Jeri said...

OK - true confessions here - I am NOT above being judgmental!

WHAT IN THE WORLD were they doing taking 3 children under the age of 6'ish to a PG-13 movie?!?!?!?

I haven't even let my 11 year old see all of them yet - (i haven't seen the last couple myself because they seemed to be getting darker and darker. (though I'm sure someday I will give in and see them - or at least the final chapter - though I won't have a clue what's going on)

Not only was their behavior rude and disruptive - some movies are NOT appropriate for young children. GET A SITTER!

(I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway and someday will follow your excellent example and not be so hasty to judge!)

Jeri said...

OH - and GREAT AWESOME AMAZING INCREDIBLE job on the running! I am SO impressed! I tried to do the "couch to 5K program last year, to increase the exercise value of my morning walks. All I accomplished was HATING it so much that I gave up even going walking... :(

Charlotte said...

Well, as much as I'd like to appear all angelic and everything, I'm obviously not above being judgmental either, seeing as how I felt the need to tell the world wide web about the whole experience. So, thanks for the justification. We can be "hasty to judge" together.

Jake said...

I was so disappointed in that movie that I'm not sure I'll see it again. I hate the fight with Voldemort, and the way the movie makes it appear as though Snape could have been Harry's dad (I was asked that after the movie by my friend who had not read the books).

Charlotte said...

Huh. I didn't even notice the Snape/Harry's dad intimation. As to the fight with Voldemort, it's been long enough since I read the books that I don't remember enough for it to bother me. I do remember you making some comment about it though--something along the lines of how would it have been in Star Wars if Darth Vader hadn't have thrown the empire into the great abyss.

Kaylee C said...

The voldy-draco-intimate-hug-thing was...awkward. every time I watch it I'm like eaahhhhh.....poor draco. :)

Melissa Sugar said...

I admire your ability to find ways to be understanding. I admit that I am often too judgmental. About a month ago while I was driving home from the hospital having just learned that my brother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer & given 3 weeks to 3 months to live; I found myself crying my eyes out at a red light. Apparently I did not notice the light turn green and did not hear the car behind me honk. The driver got out of his car and walked to my window and was obviously about to really let me have it when he saw the tears flowing from my raccon eyes. He offered to help and to make a long story short(er), we pulled of the main road and he called my husband to come and get me. He told me that he learned a valuable lesson that day. He learned that we never know what kind of day the annoying person, whether it is the grumpy clerk at the grocery store or the girl who just sits through a green light, we never know what news the day has brought them. He really touched my heart and ever since I try to go out of my way to not act, react, or overeact in situations when I have no idea what the other person may be feeling or going through.

Sorry so long, but your kind imagination ( pretending this was the last family outing for the annoying family) reminded me of how overcome with sadness I was that day and how the man who could have gone off on me took the time to not prejudge me & to actually help me.

You are most certainly a very good person and I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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